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Gift Your Kid With Go Kart And See Big Smile In Their Face

For the entertainment feature most of the kids are like to go outside with the vacation times, especially they are good to go an entertainment places like kart and have to experience in thrilling one like that they are expected. In that having more number of karts presented nowadays in that the people are preferred to choose the best among that and also maintain the tracks in a proper way. In that manner the preferred choice is go-kart rides in that the kids are like to enjoy those rides in the tracks. To find the best entertainment place for kids the karts give as much entertainment and also much different experience also given this ride, to ensure that having to enjoy those experiences with your family members.

At that time you planned to enjoy the vacation times with your family, then choose the best go-kart rides presented in your area that will give much experience and a lot of fun can be involved by cheering the kids. Karting is one of the best game that are riding in the car with low speed and that are set up full secure basis and moreover they are fixing the speed limit in that karts. Having lots of fun can be created in that situation with family members. One of the best things that are done during the vacation times means they are like to do something interesting manner they cannot hide in their memory. In that manner the go-karts are not reaching as much of high speeds just they will fix the limited speeds and quick to start the wheels and can get the lot of interesting things with the kart wheels. They are maintaining as much of the safety of the go-kart track, and then only can come once again in that place.

When your child is interested in thrilling experiences then you can introduce the go-kart wheels in the best manner, then they will experience a lot with this karts. At the time of special days your child can expect things in that way to introduce this way of Karting experience, and then they are not hiding this moment in their lifetime. The Kart people are maintaining the go-kart track in best manner, then they will set put the limited speed in their wheels have to provide the much safety for their kids. And moreover, they are given as much of the lifetime experience to your kids in that way they keep those things in their memory and ask once again to go to another time also. In that manner the kart people are maintaining those things on the tracks in the safety manner. It also available at some cheap prices also based on the kart experience can give. Using these karts they will the much experience with those kids and balance as much as prices will choose. This kind of riding experience can give as much of thrilling experience also.

A Brief History About Skateboarding

There are so many skateboarders today it is crazy recent study shows that there are over 12 million people world wide that skateboard and a third of those people are under the age of 18. That is one good sport and a lot of people must love something about the sport of skateboarding.

Skateboarding is just a sport to some but to the people that actually love the sport it is a lifestyle. It was first made and rode in the 1950s and was just a piece of wood with wheels. Now the modern skateboard that we are using is made from all kinds of different things like fiberglass and the wheels are not just wheels anymore they are made from polyurethane and other materials. So if you though that skateboards were still being made like they were back then you need to go look at what is being made now.

Back when they were using those kinds of skateboards all the surfers in California would take the wheels off the roller skates and put them on a skateboard deck and make themselves skateboards to ride down the hills in California. That is far from how they are made today even though they first made skateboards that early and with some roller skate wheels.

Back then when they were making those types of skateboards they looked like surfboards because they were long and would turn so quick. Today skateboards are made from more durable materials and can be used for awhile. They sold so many skateboards in that time when they first came out that they had to make or come up with something new because everyone already had the first they wanted to see what the new decks would look like. The new types of wheels would come out before any new type of skateboard would.
Every day people will use a skateboard as a mode of transportation and people love to skateboard. It is something that has consumed the world and the world’s people seem to like what skateboarding has to offer so it does appear that it is staying and getting better.

Most of people see skateboarding as just another sport and you cannot do the sport in most public places other then skate parks these days. It is illegal in most places to skate where they have public property. The real skateboarders see skateboarding as a lifestyle and like to live like it is every day. They will wear all skateboarding brand clothes and will wear skate shoes. You can spot a skateboarder from just the type of clothing that they will be wearing.

Skateboarding if you look back when it started evolved from surfing so if you are trying to blame the cause of a great discovery on the hippies you are wrong. Skateboarding evolved from surfing and it started and now today the skateboarding industry is booming. People that are in with the sport already will continue to do the sport forever because it will become part of their every day activities and to most people will be their lifestyle. So if you are a person that wants to get started in skateboarding then you need to go buy a skateboard and try it out.

Supercross Racing Vs Motocross Racing

When it comes to off-road motorcycle racing, there are a number of different variations of the sport. Two of the most popular variations include supercross motorcycle racing and motocross motorcycle racing.  To those unfamiliar with the world of off-road racing, it can be difficult to separate the two apart from each other. In fact, many, who are unfamiliar with the sport, tend to believe that they are the same thing. While motocross motorcycle racing and supercross motorcycle racing do have their similarities, they are two completely different sports.

Motocross motorcycle racing was first developed before supercross racing was ever heard of.  Motocross racing events take place in outdoor venues. Their racing tracks vary in size, but many tend to be around one or two miles long.  Due to the size of most motocross racing tracks, these events largely take place in rural or country locations.  Motocross motorcycle racing is different than most other forms of motorcycle racing due to the fact that it has off-road track features. These features most commonly include jumps, corners, and other obstacles.

Although motocross racing events take place outdoors, the natural terrain isn’t always enough to create amazing courses. For that reason, motocross racing surfaces are a combination of natural terrain and man-made obstacles.  These man-made obstacles are most commonly created by taking large amounts of dirt and molding it to create a unique, track surface.  In addition to straight up racing, motocross is also known for the skill that is needed. To maneuver around the track, often with thirty or forty other racers, skill is needed.  That skill combined with the excitement of racing is what makes motocross racing so popular and that is the reason why its popularity still exists today.

Although motocross motorcycle racing is still one of racing’s most popular sports, not everyone gets to enjoy it.  This is largely due in part the location of most motocross racing events.  As previously mentioned, most motocross events take place in the outdoors.  Many cities and towns, across America, do not have the space for an outdoor motocross track; however, that does not mean that big city or big town residents do not have a love for the sport.  It just means that it was difficult for most to watch a live event; that was until the development of supercross motorcycle racing.

Supercross motorcycle racing, although it is not the same as motocross racing, is a variation of the sport.  It was created largely in part due to the fact that not all racing fans had access to their favorite off-road racing sport.  Unlike motocross racing, supercross racing events take place in a large indoor stadium. These events commonly take place inside of indoor football stadiums and other similar sports centers. Although the racing is taking place indoors, it is still considered off-road racing, like motocross because man-made tracks are created.

The man-made tracks are used to create racing surfaces that are similar to those found in outdoor motocross racing events. The only difference is that the courses are smaller. For that reason, supercross motorcycle racing events are usually shorter. That shorter track allows them to have a limited number of drivers.  Depending on the course and the preference of race promoters, many supercross races have only around twenty to twenty-five rides. Despite the fact that this number seems fairly small, it is important to remember that the size of indoor supercross tracks are relatively small, when compared to outdoor motocross tracks.

As you can easily see, there is a difference between supercross motorcycle racing and motocross motorcycle racing. It may not appear as if there is a difference, but once you take the time to fully research and understand each sport, you will learn that there is a difference, often more than one.  Although the same equipment is used and even the goals are the same, there is a difference between the two.  Essentially, these differences mean that exciting off-road racing can be enjoyed by all, even those who do not leave in rural country areas.

Should Rock climbing be considered a sport?

Rock climbing is such an activity that not only demands physical strength but also mental stability. It basically tests the climber’s strength, endurance. Balance along with mental control. It is quite a difficult activity as one needs to be mentally active while performing this. A sport is basically an activity that requires a participant to perform with full endurance thereby displaying their skill and talent. It requires a person to be physically strong enough to face each and every hard situation. As per this definition of sports I think rock climbing should definitely consider as a sport.

As everyone is aware of it, rock climbing is a very strenuous activity that requires the participant to either climb the natural rock or an artificially made one. It is not a very easy sport as one should be fully aware of the climbing techniques. It is a very risky sport as well. This requires a great deal of training so as to be strong enough to face the physical exertion.

Just like every other sport has certain terms and conditions and also competes with different teams, similarly rock climbing has certain technique that is required to be followed so as to perform well. There are different styles of rock climbing such as bouldering, lead climbing, and speed climbing and so on. Based on these different styles, one team compete with another. Since sincere participation is involved in this so we have a basic reason to consider this as a sport.

In fact the participants are provided with the proper climbing equipments so as to climb the rock without any danger. Most of the people consider it as an activity or hobby but this can be cleared out on the fact that if certain people are genuinely indulged in climbing rock with many other participants along with their climbing equipment then this cannot be considered as a hobby.

There is a point that when people go to hill station they perform trekking which is also a form of rock climbing just for exploration. But this does not prove that rock climbing cannot be considered as a sport. If people play rugby or football in the park in their leisure time then we cannot just declare these two sports as an activity or hobby.

There are expeditions carried out for rock climbing where people from different countries are trained and are given clear knowledge about the technique to climb rock. It’s only through these competitions that one gets a chance to climb the biggest mountains of the world.

Nowadays children are given serious training for rock climbing in schools. They are made aware about this sport from their childhood itself. They are even taken to camps to make them strong enough to deal with this strenuous activity. In mountainous regions rock climbing is their everyday activity. They are trained for this and mostly people from hilly region go ahead and participate in rock climbing. It has also been decided to include rock climbing in Olympics soon. Also artificial protection is given to the climbers so as to protect them in case of any sort fall. Whereas if you look at the people living in hilly areas, they hardly bother to keep artificial protection as their backup. They are so much used to climbing that it becomes easy for them to deal with such situation.

Hence from the above mentioned reasons it should be clear enough that rock climbing is a sport that requires a person to be physically strong and mentally stable.

Chess sport lingo

During the pre-game activities and when the post-game festivities are just starting, nothing stirs up interest like a good sports trivia question, and money exchanging hands over who has the right answer. Here are some great trivia questions about the AP Top 25 Poll that featured the 2008 college football season. If you are thinking about upgrading to a serious sports watch for running, cycling rowing or any other outdoor sport that involves moving at rapid velocity, you should seriously consider a watch with speed and distance tracking ability. The best sports watch models track, not only speed, but record distance over a session or group of sessions, log elevation above sea-level, can navigate between marked locations and offer speed, pace and distance alerts

Whether your favorite team wins or loses, you can take advantage of them game after game, season after season. Many fans also read statistical reports, players have a sense of team that made the rest of the season as well. In some sports fans, however, watching the game and reading the reports is not enough. They want to feel more involved in sports, participate in more troops and more of the players.

Fiona amendment shaped bulge and shelters for unwanted movement of the box to the form and manner is always flattering. Besides being a very good breast compression, which eliminates the bouncing breasts, especially when on the road.

Prepared different lens, which allows you to choose depending on the sport, and to cover the site and changing weather conditions. Of course, he is fully equipped and ready, he is ready for any factors that may haunt a good sport photography.

The team’s success is primarily the diversity of profiles of healthy behavior. Do not you think that what happens when a style of performance oversupply? In the example above, the first team in question to realize that there is no Gd.

Lost is clearly not reached the disaster, but that’s because the team was out of challenges left. If you watch the game as I see it every game. Reference to the reproduction and analysis to the point where no longer a game, but the interpretation of the rules of war.

Option to sell to you, then you’re looking for sports franchises, you need to win a lot of money to work with an independent attitude while those motivated to do business. As a sports franchise, the franchise option to start a franchise opportunity is special.

, what sports and physical recreation, may seem like an obvious question? The answer is still not very significant. sport and physical recreation, of course, how many there are few clear answers. Look around every weekend and you, basketball, baseball, soccer, American football, and you’ll see teams playing many other games.

They can participate in online sports betting Web sites by providing a variety of Internet users worldwide . Individuals can play this game and place bets online. And the team gets some extra money along with a number of wins the bet. But the team played in a bet loses, then he loses all the money bet was placed.

You can not win big prizes, but you can create a series of blows over time, if you’re willing to do the job.
If you want the best for the money, especially, I buy a sports bra, you need to select Moving Comfort Sports Bras. These are the most incredible sports bra is now available on the market.

There are various payment options, depending on the package you choose, and they will let you watch high-quality streaming of live games on your PC. Download Satellite Software to Stream Games Live Sky Sports It is a choice that I use now, because I think is the best value for money. Tennis channel cox

And the good thing is that no matter where you are, it is likely to go online, whether in a hotel room or even an airplane. This means you never have to worry about missing the point and you just have to watch the game. otherwise not want to miss getting updates when you are looking for a cell phone.

If space and weight are not issues involved in the sport that has the freedom to choose a bunch of different bottles. Even more may be selected, is insulated to keep water cool. There are many companies that make these insulated water jugs.

5 Facts That All Sport Boating Beginners Should Know

People who are looking toward sport boating might be confused about where to start. Sometimes picking up a new hobby, although fun, can be a bit confusing. Boat enthusiasts can attest to fun and excitement that comes along with higher speed boating. If you’re sitting on the fence trying to decide whether or not this adrenaline-inducing hobby is right for you, check out these awesome 5 facts about it. It might just help you make up your mind.

1. Sport boats can be bought for various prices

Sport boating is great for people looking to buy because they can be bought at various prices ranges. There is no one set price for high-speed boats. The best place to look for a new boat is online or even boating clubs.

2. If you’re buying a used boat, take it to be inspected

When buying a new boat, there’s no need to worry about the engine because it’s brand new and will be in working order. When buying a used boat, however, you’ll want to make sure to get it inspected so that everything is working fine. Finding an inspector is made easy with the help of Google. Just do a quick search for options in your area.

3. Be eco conscious

Sometimes sport boating has rules to follow to make sure that the surrounding environment is protected in certain areas. Sometimes boats are not allowed to create waves or wakes too big because it could damage the area. Before jumping out onto the water with your boat, check online or with a local authority to see if there are any rules or prohibitions for speedboats in the area.

4. Buy a boat depending on the sport

Different boats work better for different sports and events. If you plan on buying (new or used) or renting a boat, be sure that you do it according to what sport or water activity you plan on doing most of the time. Also, be sure that you take a look at water toys and accessories. These little extras can make being on the water that much more enjoyable, especially for little kiddies and fun loving adults.

5. You can join a club that rents out boats and accessories

One of the best things about boating is that you don’t even have to purchase a boat. There are actually boating clubs that allow you to purchase a membership where all you do is pay an annual fee, then you have access to the fleet of boats that they own. Most clubs have a variety of boats to choose from: pontoons, speedboats, and yachts, which are usually bought yearly so that the fleets are always new and pristine. Another aspect of joining a club is that along with using any boat you’d like, you can also use their line of water toys and accessories.

How can you get the appropriate Go Kart models

Moving a fast go kart like hairpin turns in congested traffic can truly get the adrenaline pumping down. You have to track them down. It may be almost as reasonable as purchasing a set of go kart frame strategies and making your own go kart.

I know it is tough to believe, but inexpensive go karts or cheap pit bikes for sale at 50% of the regular selling cost are available if you know where to look for. And just because they cost less money doesn’t imply that they will be of inferior quality. It is possible to find top qualities go Kart with a sturdy go-kart frame, strong engines, and high traction go tires at the best possible prices. You can also make your own go kart frame when you start with go kart frame when you start with top quality go kart frame strategies, or make their own go kart engines.

If you think that inexpensive go kart for sale can’t be found, you will be shocked to know how simple in may be to find them. The only two necessities are a few hours of endeavor and a bit of persistence. Saving a considerable amount of money can generally be done if you put a substantial time and endeavor. Buying inexpensive go kart is done by utilizing a simple technique known as price collating. This is surely not a fresh concept, but if you do it in a proper way, then you will surely find huge price discounts. You can explore and find out that it is almost as cheap as purchasing a collection of frame strategies and making your own individual go kart.

It is tougher to find an inexpensive go kart before the World Wide Web came into existence. In the olden days, you either has to visit a store dealing with this type of products, call every possible dealer, or both. It took a great deal of time and endeavor. However, the internet makes this routine a faster and simpler one. It still needs some time and endeavor. But it is worthy enough when you think about the quantity of money that you can save.

The basic step while looking for cheap pit bikes for sale is to search on Google. You may find different types of go karts or a wide range of designs. A simple search will offer you numerous online vendors promoting the most common brands and models. As the result is shown on SERP result pages, it is a simple task to check out the 10 websites, or more, and write down all the selling prices for the assortments you are interested in. Great price and discounts can also be found in the sponsored listings on the right side of the SERPs. You can click on some of those sponsored links and check out the selling price of these products.

Types of Horse Racing

Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has been popular throughout the centuries. Horse racing is one of the most attended and most enjoyed sports events in the world. Many people do not realize that there are different types of horse racing. The following is a list of some of the various forms of horse racing that are currently practiced throughout the world:

Harness Horse Racing: This type of horse racing is popular in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and North America. It involves the horses pulling the jockey on a two-wheeled cart. This form of horse racing requires strategy as much as speed. There are two types of this form of horse racing which is based on the gait used: Pacing consists of horses running faster with shorter breaks during a race. When a horse starts to gallop, it must be slowed until it can regain the gait. In Trotting, horses move their legs diagonally, meaning that the right front leg and the left hind leg hit the ground at the same time.

The Standardbred is recognized worldwide for its harness racing ability. Standardbreds are best known for their ability to harness race at a trot or pace form. They are solid, well-built horses with good dispositions. Standardbreds are relatively intelligent animals.

Thoroughbred Racing: Thoroughbred horse racing is a worldwide event that involves the racing of thoroughbred horses. It is governed by different national bodies. There are two forms of the sport: flat racing and jump racing. Jump racing can be further divided into hurdling and steeple chasing. Horses competing in this form of racing are faster than those in other equestrian events. It is a popular sport with gamblers. The distances of the race can vary from 3/4 mile to more than two miles. Speed is a major factor with thoroughbred racing. It involves high-quality horses and prestigious prizes. Horses competing in these types of events are often of the same class, gender, and age.

Quarter-Horse Racing: This type of event involves the racing of horses at great speed for short distances on a straight course. It got its name quarter-horse because the race originally ran a quarter of a mile. It is a much newer sport because its governing body was not formed until the 1940s. The classic distance of a Quarter Horse race is 440 yards (400 m), but races are run anywhere between 100 and 1,000 yards (91 and 910 m). Quarter Horses are faster than Thoroughbreds, but run shorter distances. American Quarter Horses are shorter and more muscular than Thoroughbreds.

Stakes Races: This type of race involves the best horses. These events have the highest purses Races run from small purses of a few thousand dollars to the Breeders’ Cup Classic for $5 million. There are three grades controlled by the Graded Stakes Committee, insuring a Grade 1, 2, or 3 race event. Most midsize or larger tracks will have at least one grade 3 race while larger tracks such as Churchill Downs or Belmont Park will have several of all grades.

Major horse racetracks in the US include Saratoga Springs, New York, Pimlico Race Course, Baltimore, Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, Belmont Park in Elmont, New York (outside New York City on Long Island,) and Keeneland Race Track in Lexington, Kentucky. The latest major horse track opened in the US was the Meadowlands Racetrack opened in 1977 for thoroughbred racing. It is the home of the Meadowlands Cup

Being one of the oldest racing sports, horse racing fever has spread throughout the world. It is a thrilling event for horse racing fans of all ages.

How to Build a go Kart

Building a go kart is no simple task although you can have hours and hours of fun on a go kart they take a lot of time to build and usually some experience with machinery. First of you will have to find plans for your go kart you can either make these yourself or find plans on the internet. It is very important that you have plans when you are working with precision engineering because if you stuff something up you may have to start all over again and this will cost you a lot of money and time. Once you have your plans it is time to think about the heart and soul of your go kart yes that’s right I am talking about the engine the real grunt that will put the go in go kart now you can power your go kart with engines from 30cc upwards I have seen on the internet a go kart powered with a 1000cc engine now this is more than some cars have. What I recommend for a go kart is anything from 50cc to 250cc 50cc is more for kids and 250cc is definitely for ages 15 and up as they have gears you have to worry about most of the time. Now you have to think about brakes as these are vital for is you want to stop now there are two different types of brakes there are drum brakes and disk brakes disk brakes usually work better but they can both work great. The bigger the brakes the better it should work. Some good places to get brakes are from motorcycle wreckers but look around as you don’t want to spend a lot but that being said don’t skimp on safety. You will now need to make the frame now you want this to be very sturdy and should contain a roll bar this is important because if you flip your go kart it will stop you from hitting your head on the ground and having all the weight of the go kart.

Steal is very expensive now days you will probably be looking at a few hundred dollars depending on the size of the go kart but I read some where that a guy used those steel pellet trolley things that people use to move boxes around on and he just chopped them up and sanded of the paint and used that metal. The other good thing about those trolleys is they are cheap and come with 2 good wheels now you will need to make your frame following your plan and start thinking about what you are going to use for steering I would go and buy a cheap steering wheel from a wrecker and mount it to your go kart you will also have to install a good seat and seat belt this is a must because you can reach some very dangerous speeds on a go kart. You will now have to mount the engine and attach the back sprocket to the axel and connect up what you are using for pedals. Your go kart should now be ready for its maiden drive so load it up on your trailer and take it down to the beach or a friends farm and drive it around.

Ride the Car in the Best Way with Go-Karting Experience

If you like to drive fast cars, you will love go-karting. Since everybody likes cars and speed, go-karting has become a popular activity. Many people do go-karting very often. You must have seen many places that offer amazing go-karting experience. You will love to perform this activity. Since go-karting is becoming very popular, people have started exploring other aspects of this activity. You can also have fun go-karting with friends. If you are new to go-karting, you will surely enjoy this adventure sport. With amazing Go-Kart Track, you will love to ride the car in the best way possible. You will get a lot of thrill from it.

More about Go-Kart
Go-Karting is a very popular adventure sport. Since people like to watch fast cars, they are always looking for an opportunity to drive such cars. These amazing sports cars are very good looking. They are designed in a way to give maximum comfort. They resemble professionally driven sports cars to an extent. Their design and body attracts many people. Due to this reason people always look for a chance to drive them. With stunning Go-Kart Track, you will be able to drive these cars easily. These tracks are well designed. They are smooth and very cute. You will love to see them and drive on them all the time. You can have Go-Kart rides as much as you want. Since people like to drive and have fun here, there is no limit to Go-Kart rides here. If you want to spend a lot of time here, you will be given full access to the resources available here. You can have an interrupted time here. Since people are very passionate about go-karting, you will see many excited people trying this sport. You will be pleased to be one of the people enjoying here. There are many things that people do here. You can also chill here and relax. Spending time here will make you feel nice. You will love to be here. You can try different things here.

Wonderful experience
Go-karting is all about fun and excitement. To have a good experience here, you will good facilities. The cars should be well designed. They should be able to bear your weight. Since these cars are driving at a high speed, they should be able to handle the speed. All these things are taken care of here. You will not have to worry about any of these aspects. Hence, you should be carefree while driving here. You will see many people enjoying their time here. With excellent cars, you can get a great experience. Hence, you must visit this place regularly. With practice, you will get better at this sport. You will have a good time here. You can different tricks while driving here. The safe environment provided here is very conducive for excellent driving. You will surely love to race here. The cars and the ambience will definitely do you love this place. Hence, you should be here. It will be a memorable experience.

Skydiving Myths revealed!

Skydiving is the sole most exciting sport there is. Nothing even comes close to the exhilaration you feel when floating on a cushion of air, and flying your canopy safely to the ground. It is also very misinterpreted, and filled with many common misconceptions and misunderstandings that keep most people from trying this beautiful sport. It is heavily controlled by national organizations and in comparison to past decades and studying statistics, it is astonishingly safe! To participate in it regularly, you are required to attain adequate training and a license. It can be a long, expensive course to get your license, but once you do, the feeling of accomplishment is like no other. I highly advise you try it at least once in your life. Here are some myths of skydiving:

The Rip Cord Myth: Skydivers pull a rip cord

Actually, rip cords pretty much went out with the round chute back in the early 1980’s. Skydivers using modern day “rigs”, throw out a pilot chute which is tucked into a pocket on the bottom of the container, just above your butt. The pilot chute is a small parachute attached to a bridle which is attached to the main chute. As the pilot chute is deployed, it catches the wind and pulls the closing pin which releases the packed main chute, pulling it from the container, so it will inflate, well we hope.

The Freefall Chatter Myth: Can you talk or yell to each other during freefall?

Despite what you have seen in movies like Point Break and Cutaway, you cannot hear another skydiver during freefall. Maybe if you were to yell into his ear, you may hear a little but you certainly cannot have any type of discussion. The wind traveling past your ears at well over 160km/h, which pretty much, makes you deaf to all sounds. Moreover, it would be very hard to fight during freefall as well.

The Unconscious Drop Myth: If you are ever knocked unconscious in free fall, you are dead…

Another common misconception; it is fathomable how this could be professed however, Think about it; if you are ever knocked out by a mid-air collision with a companion skydiver, who is going to deploy your chute? Well, most skydivers jump with a device known as an Automatic Activation Device. It is a small, air-pressure and speed sensitive component that will cut the closing loop of your reserve chute so that it deploys automatically. They are typically set so that if you drop below 750 feet above ground level at over 120km/h, it goes off. If you are unconscious, your arrival will likely be rough and you may injure yourself or possibly still die, but landing without any chute at all would be far worse. Some skydivers choose to jump without one because they are an automatic device that can fail and perhaps misfire, though they rarely do. The chances of it working when desired far outweigh the odds of it failing and deploying your reserve when you do not want it to.

Skydiving can truly be something on your bucket list. With skydiving comes safety, when skydiving your eyes are prone to being damaged from the speed and or pressure, or even a bug. This is why it is important to protect your eyes. Icarus Skydiving School & Air Wear ensures all your necessities to protect your eyes are taken care of.

The Thrill And Danger Of Street Racing

Street racing is an extreme adrenaline rush, but dangerous and illegal.  If you are interested in racing, there are many closed tracks that accept a fee for use.  Racing on the street can get you killed, put in jail, or even worse, kill an innocent by-stander.  Imagine the guilt that would be hanging over your head after such an accident.

Many youths still participate in street car racing.  It is a thrilling ride, full of adventure that involves the most enthusiastic drivers who have a passion for driving cars.  Street car racing now takes place in almost every part of the world.

In Street Car Racing the cars run at very high speeds and some of the faster street racing cars can go up to 60mph in just 4 seconds.  So, one can imagine the pace at which these car races take place.  Some of the faster street racing cars have a speed of up to 180mph.  Many cars have neon underbody lighting systems that look amazing when the cars are running at high speeds.  Normally these races take place at nighttime to keep the sport low profile.  Generally most street racing cars have a Nitrous Oxide system that can double or even triple the horse power of the car.  The latest street racing cars are customized with onboard entertainment systems which come with hi-fi audio, video, gaming consoles, and up to 5 monitors.

Any person can participate in illegal street car racing, but the danger and risks are not worth it.  Racing on a closed track can be just as thrilling.  Street racing appeals to people because the only requirements are that the person own a car.  Many people prefer to watch motor sports rather than experience them first person since it involves a lot less risk than driving at such high speeds.  Generally people with a lot of money and time to spare take part in such a sport as this.  It takes a lot of money to customize a car for racing.

Generally young people are more attracted towards this sport than older ones.  People customize their cars and even upgrade for maximum boost with suspension, tires, turbo and nitrous.  But the drivers of illegal races need to be careful of the cops since driving at such high speeds on the streets is very illegal and as mentioned, is extremely dangerous.  If the cops catch you they will likely seize your vehicle and put you in jail.  Some youngsters feel it to be a thrill when actual cops are chasing them, but the thrill goes away fast when the cops catch them; or a telephone pole does. Speeding can cause a loss of someone’s life and is not to be taken lightly.  If one takes conscious efforts to drive within the speed limits on the streets and save racing for closed courses, then the experience can be an absolute thrill.

Skateboard Ramp – Racing Slopes

All sports lovers who are extremely passionate about sports have at some point or the other enjoyed the sport of skateboarding. The game is a favourite as it requires a high energy and is an extremely fast game. It is particularly popular with teenagers as they are bubbling with a lot of liveliness. A skateboard ramp is a structure on which skateboarders race through its slope. A ramp is a wooden stand in a triangular shape where on one side it is circular so that the skateboarder can slide over it and take a high jump or turn around in a circular movement. There are several shapes available for the skateboard ramp like a right angular triangle, a rectangular box, a double sided angular ramp, etc. But the skateboarder always has to be careful and must use protective gears.

These skateboard ramps are made up of strong wooden material, which can take over the pressure exerted by the skateboards. Some ramps are also supported by a metallic base so that the strength is maintained and it also adds to the weight of the ramp. If the ramp is light weighted then it might move at the time the skateboarders tries to skate over the surface and cause accidents. This may result in misbalancing the skateboard and the skateboarder might fall. But if the skateboard ramp is heavy and stable on the ground then skateboarders can easily roll over the ramp and perform their best. Thus, one should get a ramp depending upon the rider’s performance and acts. The surface of the skateboard ramp is smooth and very oily. This is important as the skateboard wheels can align over the ramp surface quite well. The smooth surface is also beneficial in taking a levelled turn on the skateboard. One who maintains his balance well on the skateboard while using the ramps is definitely an expert skateboarder.

With the changing of times more and more people are getting interested into skateboarding. Age is no barrier to start learning this active sport. With the help of skateboard ramp it becomes all the more exciting. This is the reason why more and more people are taking time to learn this sport. All a skateboarder needs is his skateboard and the skateboard ramp, which is sufficient for him to practise day in and day out. The ramps can be chosen in different sizes, as some skateboarders may find it difficult to use a high ramp, since they may not be able to maintain the balance. They can get a ramp which is low in height and then there are no issues in balancing on the skateboard. A ramp is also helpful in reducing the speed and returning to the original destination. Thus, a skateboarder should properly choose a ramp as well as use it while skateboarding under the supervision of a trainer. A trainer will guide a novice through the pros and cons of using a skateboard while performing stunts and jumps.

Using Chess to Teach Math in Elementary Schools

Chess has been heralded as a miracle to help children develop their math skills. How true is it? After my over 10 years of research and teaching of math, I think the answer is not a simple yes or no, rather it depends on how chess instruction is delivered. If chess is delivered as a pure game and taught in a way that it has nothing to do with math then the impact on math learning is minimum. On the other hand, if chess is integrated into math worksheets then the effect is more significant. This is proven from my own teaching observation and also the USA research data collected in Illinois .

A simple minded approach to use chess to teach math in the elementary schools is to have chess lessons in a math class and chess in this case is treated as a separate project or as a part of problem solving set. For those children who do not like to play chess, this could present problems for them since the benefits of playing chess can not be delivered to those who do not necessarily play chess. In this model, math worksheets have very little to do with chess and chess benefits on computation is very minimum.

The more robust approach is truly integrating chess into math curriculum such that when children work on math worksheets, they directly work on math and chess integrated worksheets. The trouble is how to truly mesh or integrate chess into math worksheets? At Ho Math and Chess™, we have successfully in truly integrating chess into math using our invented innovative technologies, namely they are listed as follows:

  1. Geometry Chess Symbols

2.    Ho Math and Chess™ Teaching Set

3.    Frankho Chess Mazes

4.    Frankho IQ Chess Math Brainpower Workout

5.    Math and Chess Integrated Workbooks

Our research and experiment at Ho Math and Chess™ has found out that the marriage of math, chess and IQ math puzzles has significant in improving children’s math ability. The combination of math pure number crunching problems, along with chess puzzles, word problems, and IQ puzzles give children the opportunities to expose an array of problems of pattern, table, diagrams, symbols, equations, and figures. Children tend to get involved more in their thinking process with integrated materials. It is this kind of deep thinking process which truly raise children’s math ability. The truly integrated worksheet of math, chess, IQ puzzles also is more challenged for children. Most of children like integrated worksheet more than pure computational style worksheets.

To get the true benefits of using chess to teach math in elementary school, it requires the key which links math and chess. I have found and discovered the key which links between chess and math and by using the key, I have created over 20 math and chess integrated workbooks. Not only these math and chess integrated workbooks can raise children’s math marks at their day schools, they are also fun to work with and provide entertainment and challenge for children.

Best Skateboard Bushings – Acquire The Very Best For Your Board

Skateboarding is a fun sport that can be very thrilling especially when you can ride well enough to do the different tricks. If you are an avid skateboarding fan then you will want your board to be in great condition all the time. Constant riding can wear out a board and then you will have to spend money to get it fixed. It is best to avoid any such thing in the first place by having all the necessary tools and accessories to keep your board protected. For a professional it is easy to assemble their skateboards as they know about the various parts of the skateboard and can choose a specific part such as the best skateboard bushings as per their style of riding. Any beginner will find it difficult to determine whether every individual part of the skateboard is of good quality. Secondly he might find it complicated to actually assemble the skateboard.

The best skateboard bushings are fitted inside the trucks and a bolt fits inside the bushings, the nut which if tightened shall compress the urethane bushings, stiffening the action of the trucks and vice versa. So the more the nut of a kingpin bolt is tightened, the more hard it would be to turn the board and skateboard bushings are also very susceptible to weather conditions. The best skateboard bushings are those that are stiff, because the stiffer the bushings, the more resistant the skateboard is to turning and vice-versa.

It is not difficult to replace skateboard bushings; all you have to do is to make sure you replace them at regular intervals. The best skateboard bushings are like rings made of rubber, which are placed on the skateboard trucks. As you keep using your skateboard the bushings become looser and looser, and if you do not change them, you will find your skateboarding performance will not be the same like it used to be. To avoid all these difficulties you can buy the best skateboard bushings of the appropriate size and if you want to do casual street riding then softer bushings would be ideal, whereas the hardest bushings suit ramp and pool skateboarding. Regardless of your skateboarding style choose the best skateboard bushings with which you feel comfortable when riding, as your skateboard trucks do not require a specific kind of bushings.

Expert tricks performed on a skateboard tend to be risky. Therefore, all levels of skateboarders must constantly check their bushings. If the bushings are in need of replacement, a skateboarder must acquire the best skateboard bushings available! There are many brands that sell skateboard related products and you can buy them all at affordable prices from the Internet. You can get great discounts not only on the best skateboard bushings, but you can also get them on things like decks, wheels, trucks, accessories, tools, apparel and protective gear. All payments can be made through credit card, so there is no hassle of handling wads of cash.

Skateboard Ankle Brace is a Must For All Skateboarders

Skateboard ankle brace is one of the many skateboard protective gears worn by skateboarders. It basically consists of a layer of padding that holds the ankle joint bones in place preventing its displacement as a result of an injury during skateboarding.

Skateboarding is considered to be a very risky sport as there are high chances that a person may loose balance and fall down. The kind of injury that results from a fall could be as simple as bruises on the knee or it could also prove fatal if the person is severely injured on the head. Experts therefore consider the use of the skateboard protective gear as a must for your very own personal protection and safety while skateboarding. Protective gear helps a person to save himself or herself from getting hurt badly which is very important.

Several brands are involved in making the skateboard ankle brace for the protection of skateboarders. Pro-Tec, TSG, Boneless, Harbinger, Triple 8 and Surf One are some of the well-known brands that manufacture the various types of skateboard protective gear. All these brands offer skateboard ankle brace of almost the same type with only a slight difference. There is not even much difference in their prices. One could select any brand depending on his or her personal choice.

There are a number of things that one must consider when choosing a pair of skateboard ankle brace. These include:

Right size – Size is the first thing to be considered when buying any of the skateboard protective gear items. The skateboard ankle brace is available in the standard sizes small, medium and large so one can pick up the right size based on the age group to which he or she belongs.

Matching color – A skateboard ankle brace may be available in several colors but black is the most common color. The ankle braces can be matched with one’s skateboard, skateboarding apparel or any of the other skateboarding items.
Design – Design is another thing that one generally looks out for. The skateboard protective gear items are generally seen to have the brand logo on them. Some may even come with simple graphics on them.

Quality – Quality of a product is one of the most important considerations. In fact it is the one that usually helps one to decide which one to buy from among the several available alternatives. Good quality is a must to ensure safety and durability.

Price – Price of a product is in fact one of the factors that aid in making the final decision of whether or not to buy a particular thing.

Comfort – One should feel comfortable in what one wears. If one is not comfortable then this could cause a hindrance to a great skateboarding experience.

Irrespective of whether a person is a beginner or an expert skateboarder, he or she is equally likely to get hurt. One should therefore remember that skateboard ankle brace, like all the other skateboard protective gears, is a must and should not be avoided at any cost.

Top 10 Myths About Kiteboarding

#1 You must be strong

First of all, let me tell you that I am 5’4″, female, I weigh 100 pounds, and I have only been to a gym once in my life. Even though my arm muscle is virtually non-existent, I can still manage to kiteboard hours straight because of the harness worn with kiteboarding.

#2 I’m too fat / too tall / too small / too old / too young

Many kiteboard stores require you to weigh at least 80 pounds in order to take a lesson. I’ve seen just about every size and shape out there kiteboarding even guys in the 300 pound range.

Height doesn’t matter, but if you are a petite rider, consider buying a seat harness rather than a waist harness. This will move the bar closer to your body and put the power/depower strap within better reach.

I’ve seen plenty of guys in their 60s & 70s kiteboarding. If you have back problems, buy a seat harness rather than a waist harness, and buy a kite that has a lot of depower (bow, SLE, or hybrid kite).

#3 Kiteboarding is very dangerous

As long as you take the necessary pre-cautions, kiteboarding is relatively safe. I say relatively, because everything in life has risk, even driving your car to the grocery store. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, things can go bad, very bad. Take a lesson! When in doubt, don’t go out. Never ride by yourself. Don’t kite in storms or other times when the wind isn’t steady and reliable. And again, take a lesson (the more the better)!

#4 I don’t need a lesson

Just because you’re a pro wakeboarder/snowboarder, etc., doesn’t mean you’re a good kiteboarder. You need to learn how to fly the kite as well as learn how to setup the kite, relaunch, perform a self rescue, etc.

This is not wakeboarding, skiing, or surfing. It is more comparable to scuba diving, except if you screw up, not only are you putting yourself at risk, but also everyone on that beach. It is absolutely critical that you know what you are doing. A minimum of at least one lesson is mandatory. No exceptions.

#5 I’ll take a lesson and be riding by the end of the day

Each year the gear is getting better and better. Three years ago, it would take weeks to be able to learn what people now learn in a matter of days. Even so, do not expect to be up and riding the first time (or second time for that matter). It does happen every now and then so to improve your chances spend as much time as you can with a trainer kite and work on your board skills.

#6 Trainer kite? I don’t need a trainer kite!

Buying a trainer kite is one of the smartest moves you can make (along with taking lessons and buying the proper gear). You can learn so much with a trainer kite that by the time you take a lesson, you’ll feel much more comfortable handling the real thing and your lesson will go much smoother. You can learn mandatory kite flying skills the hard way (with a powerful kite), or you can learn it the easy way (with a trainer kite); it’s your choice.

#7 Kiteboarding is expensive

If you go out and buy the complete kiteboard set up (kite, bar & lines, harness, board), you’re looking at around $1,500 – $2,000. Ok, that number may seem big, but let’s think about this. If you want to wakeboard, you need a boat plus plan on spending a good chunk of money on gas each time you go out. In the winter time, you spend money on lift tickets every good powder day. Why not just strap your snowboard/skis on your feet and go snowkiting (use the same kite and harness, just add your skis/board). When you think of it that way, the $1,500 for year-round fun doesn’t look so bad.

#8 Kiteboarding can only be done in the ocean

Wrong. Kiteboarding can be done in any large body of water. Heck, I’ve kiteboarded in a large mud pond that was only about a foot deep (not recommended). A sandy shoreline along with clean, steady wind is ideal. Open areas like the Great Lakes or oceans typically get smoother wind than inland spots like lakes and reservoirs. Kiteboarding can also be done in the winter time (snowkiting) on open fields or frozen lakes with a snowboard or skis. And then there is kite ground boarding (KGB) where you use a landboard with a kite, the possibilities go on and on…

#9 I have a wakeboard, all I need is a kite

The bindings on a wakeboard are boot-like and are hard to get into, compared to the easy-entry, sandal-like binding of a kiteboard. Basically, when you’re in the water with the kite, you’re going to want it as easy as possible to put that board on your feet while you’re flying the kite.

Try to imagine wakeboarding in a choppy ocean, doesn’t sound too good does it? A kiteboard on the other hand, lets you cut right through chop and gives you a nice ride, thus opening up the possibility to ride basically anything.

#10 I found a great deal on a kite off eBay!

Have you ever noticed how every kite listed on there is “great for beginners.” Don’t believe everything you’re told. Just about every eBay kite that I’ve seen people bring to the beach makes me cringe. Many times, the kite is old (old in kiteboarding can mean anything over 2-3 years old) and unsafe. Remember, kiteboarding is still a new sport, and the equipment today is three hundred times better than it was 4 years ago.

Overall, you get what you pay for! Talk to someone at a kiteboard store for what kiteboarding setup would be the best for you and buy it through them. The right gear makes all the difference!

5 Smart And Fun Facts About Table Tennis

Everyday living requires us to engage in activities that will help keep our mind and body fit. Here, your interest in sports can be so useful as it can be a form of enjoyment and a form of exercise as well. One sport that can become your passion is table tennis. Believed to have started in Victorian times, table tennis has never failed to become one of the most popular sports across the globe. Have you tried playing table tennis at least once in your life? If not, then read the following facts and see for yourself why you should try doing it now.

Fact #1: Like I have said, sports keep your mind and body fit. Table tennis will keep you healthy as you sweat while playing this game. Body wastes are released through sweating and we all know that waste release is good for our health. Playing table tennis also keeps our minds sharp. It will allow you to strategize and make game plans of your own.

Fact #2:Playing table tennis keeps you socialized. You get to mingle, meet and greet new and old friends, families, and co-workers while playing this game. Sportsmanship and healthy competition will be developed in playing table tennis. It can also be a good bonding activity with your loved-ones.

Fact #3: Unlike golf or tennis, table tennis will make you save bucks because it does not require expensive sporting gears on. Just having a ping-pong ball anywhere and a good paddle that is inexpensive, you’ll definitely won’t lose fortune in playing this sport.

Fact #4: Anyone and everyone can play table tennis. Age and gender is no issue when you play table tennis. The thrill and enjoyment is much more important than any other aspects in the game.

Fact #5: Table tennis is absolutely a game to enjoy yourself! Playing table tennis can be a hell of fun! It is easy to play and is never ending in giving you much more reasons to play. Also, table tennis can be not just a sport, but a lifestyle! Rise to the challenge and see that it’s something you’ll always enjoy.

You can go check the ping-pong table and carry along the paddle and play right away. Actually you can easily have a ping pong table inside your house. However, learning the ropes like a pro will bring you the edge and another kind of experience in playing table tennis. You don’t need to spend on trainer’s fee. You can learn and master table tennis through a lot of materials.

In having table tennis DVD’s in the comfort of your home, you will not only save on trainer’s fee, but will also know the secrets the master in table tennis have been all keeping all their games. So, ramp on those ping-pong tables, bring on your rackets, and start living the table-tennis thrill! You are definitely not going to regret it. Soon you will be a table tennis addict!

Should Children Specialize in One Sport?

Back when we were growing up it seemed there was only a small array of sports from which kids could choose to play. Nowadays we as parents together with our kids have a host of activities in which to participate. The question is should we allow our children to pick one sport to be really good at or should they learn the skills and rules of several activities while also exercising other muscles?

My son has been playing soccer for almost four years. He loves the sport and—me being his somewhat biased mother—he’s really good at it. He plays it for about eight months out of the year. During the other four months, however, he chooses other games to play such as basketball and flag football. We feel it’s important to ‘broaden his horizons’ if I may be so cliché and we’ve noticed that different kinds of training have enhanced his skills on the soccer field.

There appears to be some merit to this philosophy. In an article written by Tim Alan Kauppinen and featured on there are potential risks involved with specializing in one sport at an early age. Kauppinen, aka “Coach K” has more than 20 years of experience as an athlete and coach and has worked with athletes of all ages and abilities. There are four dangers of specialization, according to Coach K.

Overuse injuries—working the body in the same way repeatedly year-round can lead to overuse injuries. Different sports utilize different parts of the body leading to better overall athletic performance. Pediatricians agree that children should participate in a variety of physical activities.

Burn out—playing one sport day in and day out for several years can lead to burn out at an early age. Taking part in other sports provides some relief from the same ol’ thing and at the same time can keep the main sport interesting, challenging and fun.
The college scholarship myth—in fact only a very small percentage of young athletes actually earn a scholarship. Contrary to popular belief, most college recruiters are looking for the best all-around athletes, says Coach K.

Not achieving your full athletic potential—by focusing on only one sport children don’t develop other skills that would benefit their performance in their primary activity. Speed, balance, mental focus, jumping, twisting are emphasized differently in other sports, thereby resulting in a better soccer player (in the case of my son) for example.

5 Myths of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is very popular in world now. There are myths about kickboxing on the TV. Some of them are not base on the real life. If you look at kickboxing from a commoner’s perspective, it would appear that it’s not of any good. But look at mixed martial arts using the experienced eyes of martial art practitioners.

At the List Universe we love to dispel myths – so here we are, yet again, presenting the list of common myths that need to be debunked and forgotten once and for all.

MYTH #1: Kickboxing is NOT EASY to learn.

A lot of people think the kickboxing is difficult to learn. Beginners without any sports experience can learn it quickly but extremely difficult to become a successful professional kickboxing fighter, the recreational kickboxing student can learn moves very quickly and will progress quite dramatically. Additionally, kickboxing boosts confidence, fitness levels, and mental strength. The reason why kickboxing is quite easy to learn is that it is a sport based on what works in reality. At an authentic KICKBOXING gym, one does not learn 95% of moves offered by the martial arts. KICKBOXING focuses on what is essential and what is practical in real life. By definition, the simplest moves are often the ones that work in real life. That’s not like the Hollywood moive.

MYTH #2: Kickboxing is dangerous.

Kickboxing is a sport as safe as any other active sport such as running, football, or squash. In the 15 years since modern mixed martial arts came into being, one fighter, Sam Vasquez of Houston, has died as a result of injuries sustained in a sanctioned MMA fight. By comparison, Professional Boxing experiences a few deaths a year. Additionally, with the growth of KICKBOXING as a sport, the training standards have increased and most schools now offer programs that use KICKBOXING as a fitness platform for the general population.

MYTH #2: Kickboxing was once banned in nearly every state of US

Actually, only one state, New York, kickboxing is not allowed by law, a statute that remains on the books (hence why Saturday’s CBS show is across the river in Newark, N.J.). The difference is the UFC refuses to promote in places that don’t have a sanctioning athletic commission, an entirely separate matter from an outright ban.

MYTH #4 Kickboxing is too violence in our culture.

The base components of kickboxing, like jiu-jitsu, judo, taekwondo, and Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, teach people discipline and respect. Women’s self-defense classes based on utilizing kickboxing techniques are popping up all over the country. This would seem to indicate self-defence, not violence.

Both the U.S. military and police departments from coast to coast teach soldiers and police officers how to use kickboxing to fight. If kickboxing is good enough for our nation’s peacekeepers, it should be good enough for younger generation.

MYTH #5 KICKBOXING is not professional.

There is another name of kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

MMA is a kind of match that involves different disciplines and arts. Kickboxing holds some of the best martial artists in the world. Before entering MMA, some of the players are college students or Olympic champions. In order to stay as competitive as the other sports, the athletes of kickboxing are required to enter trainings of martial arts varieties to be able to learn further disciplines like boxing, judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and karate.

Ultimately, MMA is here to stay and is a positive influence on today’s society. MMA is for everyone interested in having fun, getting fit, and making new friends.

Math and Chess workbooks help child diagnosed with ADHD, ADD or dyslexia

Chess has been known to be an useful tool in raising math marks and problem-solving skills.

At Ho Math and Chess, we have created a very unique and scientific proven teaching method that is to teach math and chess at the same time by using a truly math and chess integrated workbooks.

This set of workbooks is to raise children’s math ability by taking the boredom out of doing repetitive math drills and also foster a fun yet educational environment. Children learn best while having fun. This is an incredible chess workbook for children.

Our own anecdotal evidence suggests that our unique math and chess integrated workbooks can be an effective teaching method in helping child diagnosed with ADHD or ADD or child with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. The results are most significant when the child is placed in an education environment of one-on-one tutoring.

Many findings have supported that pupils who find it hard to maintain concentration on a single activity are able to improve this focus on playing chess.

Ho Math and Chess has invented a series of workbooks which truly combines math and chess and a child can learn math using chess knowledge on a variety of puzzle-like problems. These type of problems includes visual image (not just pure numbers), chess symbols, abstract chess values and chess directions and all these are stimuli to kids and keep their interests high while working on computational problems. This also gives children ample opportunities to think visually. Most of the time, the computational questions themselves are not written for children to work on immediately but for children to “create” themselves and these questions have to be actually “hunted” by following directions and chidren love the hunt (puzzles).

Ho Math and Chess workbooks magically keep children’s attention span longer than a typical math workbook could. Children become more engaged and focused when working on math and chess integrated workbooks than on traditional computation workbooks.

By providing math and chess truly integrated workbooks, Ho Math and Chess allows children playing chess while working on math in a fun and also educational setting. The end results are children get to strengthen their working memory and improve their problem solving ability. Doing something children like, they are able to concentrate and improve their ability to focus and allow themselves to immerse in the activity longer.

Ho Math and Chess truly integrated workbooks may be just one of the very effective teaching model for a child with problems of ADHD, ADD, or dyslexia.

Your Chess Set – History and Variations

Although the clergy frowned on the game as being a wasteful and compulsive distraction from spiritual commitment, it became a popular pastime of the aristocracy. The game of chess increased in popularity until by the nineteenth century it was played in coffee houses in many European cities.

History and origins of Chess

The history of chess, specifically that of Western Chess, spans some 1500 years. The earliest predecessors of the game originated in India in the 6th century AD. It is no surprise to see then, that the intricate carving of some of the worlds most famous wooden chess sets are also the work of Indian Artisans.

Known in its original form as Chaturanga, Chess differentiates itself from other table or “war” board games in that, unlike Go or Checkers, the pieces do not all have equal powers.The precise rules for the game of Chaturanga are something of a mystery.

Many historians of this ancient game believe that Chaturanga had similar rules to those of its successor Shatranj. In particular, there is uncertainty as to the moves of the Gaja (elephant), the precursor of the Bishop in modern chess.

The Components of the Modern Chess Set

The modern western chess set is played by two people on a chessboard divided into 64 squares of equal size, alternately dark and light. Each player has 16 chess pieces; one king, one queen, two bishops, two knights, two rooks (or Castles) and 8 pawns.

These chess pieces are arranged in a specific pattern on the chess board and may move only according to strict rules of play.

For example, the most powerful piece, the queen, may move any distance along any unobstructed line of squares, forwards, sideways or diagonally. The knight may move two squares forwards and one square sideways or vice versa and the pawns can move forwards only one square at a time, except on the first move, when they may move two squares.

The Object of Chess

The object of the game is to place the opponent’s king in such a position that he can neither move nor remain still without being captured. When he is thus threatened, he is said to be in checkmate. The game of chess is played universally, and it is thought that it originated in India, from where it spread to China, Japan and Europe.

The earliest written reference to the game of chess was found in a Persian work, Karmanak, written in about AD 600. The modern rules of the game were formulated towards the end of the fifteenth century, Caxton wrote, “The Game and Playe of The Chesse” in 1476, and the first accounts of chess games were written in 1497 by Lucena.

Some Chess Game Variations: Modern and Ancient

Suicide Chess

Suicide chess is typically a fast paced game. The rules of play are the same as normal chess and the chess set uses all the same pieces. The variant in suicide chess is that if you can take a piece from your opponent you must.

The winner of suicide chess is the first person to have all their pieces taken.This chess variant is fun and fast, but it only takes the slightest mistake to give the game away entirely, since once you find one of your more powerful pieces drawn into conflict and lost, the game can quickly be over very quickly.

For this reason chess players who are well practised in the art of opening moves tend to have an advantage.

wooden chess set from Japan


Shogi is the chess of Japan and is the most complex of the chess forms. Modern Shogi, pronounced “show´ gee” (hard “g” as in “geese”) is thought to be as as old as modern western chess.

The game is probably derived primarily from Chinese chess, Xiangqi, but also has interesting similarities to Thai chess, Makruk.Similar to other forms of traditional chess, the object of Shogi is to checkmate the opposing king. The chess set is also set up for play in a similar fashion.

Unique to Shogi is that the opposing armies are not indicated by different colours, but by their position on the board with each piece pointing toward the opponent. Secondly, all of the pieces, except for the king and ‘gold’, may be promoted and thereby gain new powers.

The promoted value is on the flip side of the piece, and is often shown in traditional red calligraphy. But, what makes Shogi truly unique among chess variants is that on a player’s turn, he may, instead of moving one of the pieces on the board, choose to place one of the pieces he has captured back into play.

You will find detailed rules available on the Games from Everywhere blog Database of Board Game Rules.

Tandem Chess

Tandem Chess, also known as Bughouse, Requires two chess boards and four players. This chess variant is a team game played by 2 teams of two – on two separate chess boards.

Each team plays the opposite colour on each chess board. Each game starts independently of the other, following the usual rules of chess, until a piece is captured.The capturing player then passes this piece to their team mate who uses it as one of their own on the other board.

It can be put anywhere on the board, with the exception that pawns cannot be placed on the first or last row, and this counts as the player’s normal move.The team who first manages to decide a game at one board wins. This is a great way of playing amongst groups and turns chess into a social sport.

In more competitive matches access to chess clocks is essential for the game to flow, though it is often claimed to become more of a battle of time and stalling than skill.

Courier Chess

Courier chess is the chess of medieval Europe and is played in an 8 by 12 square board. Courier chess was a popular pastime in central Europe, especially in Germany, from the 12th through the 18th century.

Courier chess was played alongside the medieval form of chess brought in from the Islamic world, and continued to be very popular well into the modern era, alongside international chess.

The variant in this game was the courier, which moves like our modern bishop. Because of the importance placed on this chess piece, it was usually the tallest of the pieces, and was considered the most powerful.

Two additional chess pieces were added: the sage and the jester and the game appears in Lucas van Leyden’s famous painting of 1508, known as “The Chess Players.”

Wooden Chess Set from Poland

The rules need special attention and you can download a booklet from the Database of Board Game rules at the Games from Everywhere blog.

The Growth and Popularity of Chess

Many people and cultures have made important contributions to the theory of chess over hundreds of years and by the nineteenth century it had become a very popular pastime. Steinitz’s Modern Chess Instructor (1895) was the first publication to articulate the long term strategic aspects of modern chess.

The first international chess tournament was held in London in 1851. A World Chess Federation, set up in 1924, organises international chess tournaments, leading to the World Chess Championship, which, since World War II, has been dominated by Russian players.Today the game is no longer restricted to indoors.

In New York’s Greenwich village, tables inlaid with chess boards are placed in the parks so that passers-by can idle away an afternoon playing a friendly game of chess with their own chess set.

Interested in Adventure Sports? Go for Go-Karting

If you are interested in adventure sports, go-karting is perfect for you. This is a fun sport that has a lot of fun and excitement. You will love to perform this activity and get a lot of enjoyment from it. In order to enjoy this activity, you should go to a place that offers good go-karting experience. Go-Karting is all about fast driving. In this sport, you will love to experience the thrill. For this purpose, it is essential to go to a place where you will get excellent experience. Fort Worth is a proper place for this purpose.

You will have awesome go-karting experience at Fort Worth. You will be pleased to see all the facilities available here. This is a very interesting place for you and everyone else. You can bring your family and friends here. In Fort Worth go-karting, you will be pleased with all the amazing things that are offered. You will have a good time go-karting. You will love the idea of racing fast with your friends. All the aspects of racing are taken care of, here. This racing facility is vast and has all the features. You will feel very happy to be here. You can see the wonderful area of this racing facility. Since you will be given freedom to race and drive for as long as you want, you will love to be here and fulfill your dream of racing. Since racing is very pulsating, you should surely try this experience. You will instantly love it. Fort Worth Go-Karting racing is very lovely.

Go-kart racing
Go-Karting is all about driving like a professional racer. Since professional racing looks great, it is worth trying. You can try fun go kart racing here. With go-karting, you will have an amazing experience. You can feel like a racer while you are here. You can check out wonderful cars. These cars are well designed. They look very lovely. Apart from being good looking, they are also safe and tough. You can ride on them without any problem. These cars are very strong and will give you a great experience of driving. Since the go-karting experience is dependent on the cars used, these cars are designed after a lot of deliberation. You will feel the energy while driving these cars. A lot of people come to this place as it offers people an amazing time. Every year this place sees huge crowds. You should also visit this place and have a great time here. With fun go kart racing, you will surely be impressed with this place. You will also love to visit this place often. With go-karting, you can improve your skills of driving these cars. You can race with your friends and have a good time together. All these things make go-karting a fun activity. You can bring people you want to race with, to this place. Together, you will have a memorable experience at this place. You will be pleased to visit this place very often.

Is Skydiving Really Safe?

Jumping from a plane meters above from land is not a safe sport as everybody may think. Skydiving poses that same feeling to anyone. In fact, skydiving safety has been better over the years.

Most skydiving fatalities and incidents are not caused by faulty equipment but failure to obey necessary precautions before jumping, like wrong timing of deploying the parachute, incorrect folding of the parachute and performing or experimenting with maneuvers that are extremely difficult and dangerous

The most common reasons for skydiving deaths and injuries, and that is 92 percent, are mistakes in judgment and procedure. This means that the jumper should be prepared well for the jump and do everything accurately to the time it takes until he reaches the ground.

Even in the process of signing up practice honesty. State or inform your skydiving instructors of any medical condition you are in. Saying that you have medical condition would not automatically stop you from skydiving, but absolutely doctor’s approval would be needed.

Before jumping, knowing and checking you gear is very important, however experienced or eager you are to make your first jump. Ensure the goggles, helmet and jumpsuit are all in good condition.

Parachute checks are also done before the jump. Parachutes are not always 100 percent safe, that’s why jumpers have a reserve parachute completely independent form the main chute. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that the reserve parachute be inspected and repacked every 120 days (whether it is used or not) by a FAA- certified parachute rigger.

Aside from the reserve parachute that can be used when the main chute is malfunctioning, the AAD is another safety device that skydivers are currently using. AAD stands for automatic activation device. The AAD automatically activate the jumper’s reserve parachute in the even that the jumper is disabled or disoriented or has lost track of the altitude and failed to deploy the main parachute.

The AAD was introduced by a German named Helmut Cloth. It was first called as CYPRESS or Cybernetic Parachute Release System. It used to be a student only device. During a free-fall, the CYPRESS uses computer interpreted barometric metering to constantly assess a skydiver’s altitude and rate of descent. If a skydiver is descending faster that a certain speed, this device will instantly activate the skydiver’s reserve.

Currently, the AAD is available for novice and expert skydivers. It has evolved into a compact, reliable and readily available for an average of $1200.

Other safety items that skydivers bring are visual and audible altimeters. When a person is skydiving, it is difficult to inform how close to the ground you are. Opening a parachute requires you to be at a specific altitude. Altimeters provide the altitude reading and even activate alarms whenever you have reached the height for releasing the parachute.

Aside from these issues with the equipment questioning how safe skydiving is, there are also several myths about skydiving that make people more afraid of it. An example of a skydiving myth is that divers cannot breathe during free fall which is totally untrue, since consciousness is needed to open the parachute.

Nobody would argue that skydiving is a safe thing to do. And statistics can be manipulated to make skydiving look very safe or very dangerous. Generally, safety in skydiving is determined by the individual. Rarely do skydiving accidents result from equipment failure or bad luck.

If You Want to Start a Skateboard Company Here Are Some Things to Consider

Years ago you had a handful of skateboard companies and brands that ruled the streets at every demo, skate shop and contest. Starting a new skate company then was risky; and still is! Back then, this sport was not acknowledged as a sport but more so frowned upon. Now, things are a bit different and skating is anywhere and everywhere. Skate parks are finally popping up at the speed we wanted to when we where little kids. Skateboard shops have become a dime a dozen. It is still a relatively young sport compared to many others out there. Many skate industry enthusiast want to launch their own brands but there are some serious questions you have to ask yourself before you venture out and do:

1. Is it Unique? You have to be realistic when asking yourself this. There is a tremendous amount of clutter in every industry now and your brand absolutely needs to stand out. You have to bring something new to the table that just hasn’t been done. It is imperative that your brand reflects this uniqueness at first glance. Try taking a different spin because these days you really have to.

2. National or Regional? Do you want to take your brand to Hong Kong and back? Or do you just want your brand to blow up on the streets of your home town? Try getting some of your gear out to your immediate surroundings and see how it responds. If you see chatter start building on your brand than start saving so you can widen that network. Remember the wider the network the more investment and capital you will need to be visible.

3. Get Yourself Online: Find a buddy or someone to build you a nice looking website. Get your friends to put one of your logo shirts or hats on and put together a team photoshoots for the site. Most of your audience is online; it will be important that you build a following online as well as on the streets. Launching an ad in Transworld might not happen right away so you have to figure out other ways for people to see you. You will want to be visible on every social profile out there. Start connecting with other skaters!

4. Research: Before you start your skate brand research the cost’s associated in getting decks printed and t-shirts made. If you are going to be starting off with smaller quantities of product it will be a bit more expensive per unit but if you hunt around you will be able to find suppliers. You might want to purchase a handful of blank decks and get decals made if your budget really doesn’t allow for traditional screen printing.

5. Push it Hard: You have to ask yourself this question and be realistic with yourself. Are you ready to sleep little and work hard? This will require patience and hard work and if you like sleeping until noon this might not be the best profession for you. Get ready to really push your brand hard to make this happen and remember: “You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.”

Fun Facts about Skateboarding

How much do you really know about skateboarding? Test out your knowledge by reading these fun facts. If you know them all, you can dedicate more of your time to learning new tricks! If you didn’t know many of them you can feel better now that you have brushed up on your knowledge of this sport.

In the United States, there are more than 18 million people own a skateboard. 85% of these individuals are less than 18 years of age. 74% of them are males. Yvonne Dowlen still competes though and he is 81 years old! There are children as young as three years old that can do the basics on one as well.

Tony Hawk has a deal with Kohl’s to sell shoes due to having his own line of footwear. Hawk agreed to do so only if they were affordable – never over $40 so that everyone can afford them. He is also responsible for the creative designs on this signature line of shoes.

One of the crazy ways in which professional skaters have helped to raise money for skate parks is by taking part in golf fundraising tournaments. While their fans don’t see it as enough action, these events definitely generate plenty of income for the cause.

The culture of skateboarding emerged in California. It was mainly designed as the ground equivalent of surfing in the water. The first skateboards actually had handles on them that allowed a person to move them.

Approximately 800,000 people are seen by medical professionals annually due to skateboarding injuries. Less than 40% of individuals that do this sport where the proper safety equipment for it.

There are some famous movies out there that depict skateboarding. One is called Gleaming the Cube with Christian Slater. This film debuted in 1989 and is still one of the best with this type of action portrayed in it.
The Tony Hawk video games are among the most popular in the world. There are many versions of them to check out. He has spent hours being videotaped so that movements are very realistic to what he is known to do in real life.

With the cost of gas continually increasing, more people are using skateboards for transportation than before. It is no longer just for fun! Many students use them on campus to be able to quickly get around.

It is illegal to own a skateboard in Norway. The ban was implemented in 1989 due to the number of people being injured while riding them. Skateboarding has only started to get a following in Portugal with the highest number of owners of boards being reported in 2008.

The military began using skateboards for some indoor maneuvers in 1997.

Skateboarding is actually good for your health. It can help a person to improve in the areas of balance, flexibility, and coordination. It also helps to tone up muscles and to strengthen the heart.

Concentration and hand/eye coordination improves when a person skateboards. It can help a person to be able to focus their attention for a longer span of time on other activities in their life as well.

One of the biggest failures in marketing for Levi brand of jeans was when they tried to appeal to the style of skateboarders.

There are new facts about skateboarding all the time so take some time for it. When it is too cold outside to skateboard, don’t let it get you down. Go online and find some new facts to get you by until you can ride your board once again! You can impress your friends too with the information you learned about skateboarding in the mean time.

To Spend Fun Time With Your Family At GO-Karts

Most of the people are like to go out at the vacation time at that time most of the people have to choose the best things like that giving much experience in that time. And moreover the kids are like to spend that time in Karts like that they will give much experience in those times. The Fort Worth go-karting gives much experience to your kids in that manner they will arrange the things in the tracks like that they will maintain the tracks with neat. Around the tracks have to spread the safety measures, then only the people are like to come in vacation times. In that way kart people are maintaining those things on the tracks to keep clean and neat, and moreover, they are spending more time in the tracks like to enjoy those times. In that way Fort Worth go-karting gives the much experience to the users. And thus maintain people also like the best methods to maintain the tracks in that way to maintain the karts also. In that karts they have to fix the speed mode using this users cannot move at high speeds.

Most of the kart is running during the day times only then only the user can keep things clearly on the track. At the time of night the experienced people only like to kart in the tracks in day time in that time also they will feel much experience for those people. A Lot of users are expecting to come into this place like to fun go kart racing in the tracks. And mostly the people are like to go in vacation time with their family members like that they are expecting a lot of joy in such times. And moreover the kids are like to enjoy the things presented in this place. Like to arrange the things that are expected from the kids all are presented in the stalls. So the kids are really enjoying these events with their friends and family members. Most of the people are like to enjoy the racing experience using this kart and like to gain more about the racing things that are helpful to their features.

Most of the people are coming in dream to experience the race with own legs. In that way they will arrange the things in the tracks. And users also experience a lot in such ways like that they will maintain the tracks in the best manner. Many young generation people are like this fun go kart racing because this gives a better experience to their users in that ways they are maintain the things in the tracks. Most of the times they are not opening and they will open in a certain time period only with the users can use the tracks. Most of the users do not know the things presented in that area and they are known these things means they are not willing to go this racing thing. But once they will experience they will go another time also.

Learn Chess Setup and Rules Online

One of the first rules of chess that you should remember is that there is a right and wrong way to set-up the board and its pieces. This is a fundamental principle that you should take to heart. The board itself has a proper configuration towards the players. Albeit square, with 8×8 smaller, light and dark colored checks, there is a right way to face the board that is, the light colored square must always go in either player’s right hand corner. A popular phrase you will often hear in beginner chess clubs is “white on right,” referring to how the board should be set up so that the square closest to a player’s right is white.

Now that you know how to face a chess board properly, you are ready to start putting the pieces on their proper squares. There is a total of 16 different pieces in each player’s hand at the beginning of each game, each with a corresponding place on the chess board during initial setup. Horizontal rows are called ranks while vertical rows are referred to as files. Either player has to arrange eight pawns, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, one queen, and one king on their side of the board.

Pawn placements are the easiest to remember as they occupy the 2nd and 7th ranks (the second row in front of each player). With the pawns in place, other pieces are arranged as follows:

Rooks should be placed on the right and left edge (outside corners) of the board. Knights follow immediately beside each rook, and then the bishops, immediately beside the knights, going towards the center of the board. The queen should be placed on the central square of its color, meaning white on white and black on black. The king then takes the vacant spot right next to the queen. Another phrase worth remembering to make sure you never get a chess setup wrong is “queen on her own color.”

The player with the white pieces moves first, and both players’ alternate moves thereafter. It is illegal to skip a move or a turn even when your next move is detrimental to your play. The game continues until one king gets checkmated, a draw is declared, or when a player resigns. Some chess games are time controlled, in which case, players who exceed their allotted time loses the game.To know more, visit an online chess coach today.

Tandem Skydiving: Best Way to Get your Skydiving Dream Fulfilled

Is skydiving on your bucket list? Why not sign up for a tandem skydive? Tandem skydiving is a great way to experience this extreme activity for the first time. There are companies offering opportunities for people of all ages to experience tandem skydiving, starting with an instructional class where you can learn basic canopy and freefall skills.

Tandem skydiving means you will be jumping with a tandem skydive instructor. This person is a USPA rated tandem instructor who will teach you the basics and safety measures for the excursion. USPA (United States Parachute Association) is an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) recognized organization that issues master parachute licenses to professional instructors. You can feel safe and secure knowing that there is a professional who will skydive with you, and you can be confident that you can land safely at a pre-determined destination. The Virgin Islands is one of the best places where you can experience tandem skydiving.

In this type of skydiving, you are linked to a harness, which is attached to the tandem instructor. The USPA tandem instructor guides you through the entire jump and dive, from the exit to the freefall, maneuvering the canopy, and the landing. Tandem skydives only require minimal instruction for students because you are accompanied by a professional. Tandem skydiving is a good way to expose yourself to skydiving without exerting much effort. There are minimal expectations from you because the instructor is the one who is primarily responsible for timely and safe parachute deployment.

It is important to choose the right company and instructor that can let you experience a fun and thrilling tandem skydive. The activity requires high-quality equipment, like a drogue parachute, which deploys shortly after leaving the plane to minimize the terminal velocity of the divers and to ensure proper deployment and a longer skydive duration. At the same time, a proper parachute will let you fall on the same speed as the videographers who would document your experience. Tandem skydiving uses larger main parachutes, too. This way, they can easily support the weight of two skydivers.

There are certain things you must remember before you proceed with your plans to tandem skydive. You must be at least 18 years old and your weight must be at 230 lbs or less. Moreover, you should not consume any alcohol before any parachuting activity. Be sure to present a government issued ID with a photo when participating in parachuting activities, and dedicate at least 1.5 to two hours for the activity.

About the Company:-

Skydive Virgin Islands is the only skydiving provider in the Virgin Islands operating from St. Thomas and St. Croix islands. We operate from Cyril King International Airport in St. Thomas and Henry Rohlsen Airport in St. Croix. We are the only certified tandem skydiving providers offering excursions including a 20 minute of airplane ride to altitude over beautiful Caribbean Island chain, one skydive of approximately 45 seconds of freefall from 10,500 feet with a professional USPA rated Tandem Instructor with a serene 5-7 minutes of canopy descent over Virgin Islands paradise.

The protein myth – how much protein do you really need?

Pioneering scientists, such as Dr. Peter Lemon PhD, have proved what successful gym users have known for years – building a great physique requires a diet rich in high quality protein! Increased protein intake also prevents muscle loss during dieting and is vital for any man or woman looking to add muscle or simply tone up. Research suggests you need up to 1.7-2.5g of high quality protein per kilo of bodyweight per day to build muscle as fast as possible e.g. an 80kg male needs 136-200g per day.
So you know you need to increase your protein, but what is the best source?
Proteins vary in their ability to supply high quality amino acids for muscle building within the body, based on their biological value (or BV). The higher the BV, the more effective the protein source. Whey protein (a refined and isolated protein derived from cow’s milk) is considered by scientists to be the ultimate protein, due to its high concentration of essential, non-essential and branch chain amino acids; and has a higher BV than casein, chicken or egg protein.
Whey’s high BV means that consuming small amounts can have greater muscle building / toning results than eating other proteins. Whey protein is easily digested and absorbed quickly into your muscles where it can supply essential amino acids required for muscle growth and recovery. Its unique absorption and high biological value means it can boost recovery and physique development better than any other protein. Whey protein is usually sold as a powder which you mix with water or milk to create an instant shake. This is why a good whey protein shake is often the most convenient way to ensure you get the protein you need.
Whey or Casein- which is superior?

You may have seen some sports nutrition products containing a ‘new’ slow digesting protein called micellular casein. However, the reality is casein has been around for years and micellular casein is nothing more than skimmed milk protein without the carbohydrates. Canadian scientists found that whey protein was six times more effective at improving exercise performance than casein!
Incorporating whey protein shakes into your routine

“Whey is particularly high in the amino acid glutamine, which is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue and may boost muscle growth and prevent muscle wasting.”
Build Muscle and Tone:
If you train hard in the gym, your muscles need amino acids every 2-3 hours to aid recovery and growth. Whey is superior in rapidly supplying hard trained muscle tissue with vital amino acids.
Optimal Workout Nutrition:
Pre-training nutrition can have a dramatic effect on your success in the gym. Whey is considered by many experts to be the ultimate pre and post workout protein because it boosts protein synthesis (making new muscle) and creates the ideal environment for muscle growth.
Support Your Fat Burning:
Calorie restricted diets can lead to hard earned muscle tissue being burnt as fuel, and as a result your metabolism can grind to a halt. Research has found that whey protein can keep you fuller for longer, making it easier to keep to a calorie controlled diet, giving you even better results. Therefore people looking to diet will find whey protein shakes not only low in calories and useful to preserve and build muscle mass or tone, but also excellent in reducing those cravings that often kill most diets.
Boost Recovery:
Whey has positive effects on your body’s protein synthesis, muscle building hormones and immune system; it can significantly improve muscle recovery, and get you back in the gym as soon as possible. Convenient nutrition 24-hours a day: Whether you’re looking to burn excess fat or build muscle, your body needs high quality protein every 2-3 hours – with whey, you have an easy way to consume protein whenever you need to during the day.

Skydiving: the Skydiving History

Skydiving is a well loved sport, especially for the extreme goers out there. However, it may seem that skydiving is something new as a sport, but in reality, it has a very rich and colourful history that can be very interesting to know, whether you are a fan of the sport or simply curious about it.

Milestones And More

Although most of skydiving milestones happened during the 20th century, its history actually goes back further more. Originally, parachuting started around  the 1100s in China, which is about a thousand years ago. Although there were no airplanes during that time, people would find natural formations in which they can leap off and float safely towards the ground below. Additionally, Da Vinci actually made a design that shows a wooden frame parachute that has a pyramid shape. This is just one of the proofs that parachuting is actually way older than most people think.

Skydiving Sport History

If you’ll be talking about the sport of skydiving, this matter would have a much recent history in the making. The very first person who did this daring act was Jacques Garnerin. He didn’t jump from an airplane though. What he did was jump off from balloons, around late 18th century. He also performed fanciful displays when he did so. After he executed his jumps, he would then make use of a parachute to have a safe landing.

When Women Came In

Women had a part in skydiving history too. However, it was not until the 19th century that they started having participation in the sport. One of the most famous women in skydiving history is Kathe Paulus. She parachuted in Germany during the end of the 19th century and became very well known for this skill of hers.

Airplane Generation

Ever since the airplane was invented, the skydiving history became even more colourful than ever. Indeed, it took a great leap of faith, literally and metaphorically! With the evolution of the airplane, the more did skydiving evolved and became even more daring. Now, daredevils had the opportunity to parachute from a fast-moving mechanical device, which caused even more spectacular and breathtaking skydiving routines.

The first woman to ever jump off from an airplane is Tiny Broadwick. She did this daring stunt back in 1913. Additionally, she is also the first woman to do a free fall jump from an airplane, which she did in 1914.

Skydiving: It’s Official!

One interesting fact about skydiving is that it wasn’t called skydiving before. The term skydiving was only coined in the mid-1950’s and used for Raymond Young. This was the first time when it was actually declared as skydiving. Before it was termed as such, “skydiving” was simply called as “parachuting” by many.

From Novelty To Sport

Before, skydiving was considered to be more of a novelty act than a sport. It was only during the period after World War II that this art became an actual sport that a lot of people could engage in, just like basketball. This transition was due to the fact that skydiving and parachuting was commonly done as a tactical move by many countries throughout the war.

In fact, pilots during World War I were even told to crash their planes into enemy territory rather than bailing out and were just given parachutes for survival. Ever since the 1st successful bailout in 1922 of an airplane, parachuting became a popular method of bailing out for pilots.

After the Second World War, it became a mainstream hobby for many. This is because the soldiers who came back enjoyed this activity and even have the courage to do a freefall. They held some competitions which then became a popular sport for civilians too. It was in 1957 that the first skydiving schools appeared and up until now, more people are having the courage to face this extreme sport.

Top 6 Reasons Why Skateboard Bearings Fail

Skateboards are great to ride and play around on. It is a sport that encompasses speed and skill. There are many different parts to a skateboard such as the deck, the wheels, and the truck, but probably the most important part is the bearings. The bearings allow the wheels to turn freely without friction which is what makes the skateboard travel at high speeds. The speed and precision of control of the board is down to the bearings. But skateboard bearings are very delicate and need to be treated right; here are the top 6 reasons why skateboard bearings fail:

1. Dirt – if dirt gets into the bearing of the skateboard the bearing can not move freely and the dirt causes friction. How can you prevent dirt from attacking your bearings? Clean your bearings every time you use them, this’ll get rid of the chance of dirt from getting into the bearing.
2. Lubrication – not enough lubrication on your bearings creates friction and causes the skateboard to slow down and will eventually break the bearing. On a regular basis take off the bearings to your skateboard and soak them in lubricant.
3. WD40 – the minute people spray their skateboard bearings in WD40 is the same minute they have just ruined their bearings. WD40 may look like a lubricant but it actually gets rid of the grease that is inside of the bearing and causes them to fail.
4. Age – it has been said that bearings should outlive the life of the actual machine but due to other factors of wear and tear this isn’t usually the case. Skateboard bearings do take a lot of pressure on them and they do suffer from wear after long periods of time and so be sure to change this.
5. Wrong Fitting – fitting the bearings to your skateboard perfectly is exceptionally important, a little like Goldilocks they can’t be fitted too tight or too loose they need to be just right. If the bearings are not fitted appropriately they usually vibrate more which causes the ride to be less than smooth.
6. Cheap Bearings – people sometimes think that because the bearings on their skateboard are so small they don’t mater and so when it comes to buying or replacing them they go for the cheapest option. This is a huge mistake, you don’t have to choose the most expensive but go for quality, cheap bearings usually break after a short period of time and never run as fast or smoothly as the more expensive ones.

The Best Physical Therapy Myths

Physical therapy is extremely beneficial for reducing aches and pains. You should consult a qualified therapist immediately after observing any difficulty in movement or experiencing pain. Timely action can help in faster recovery, but there are some myths shrouding the usage of physical therapy which should be busted. Check out the top 10 myths.

Myth: Physical therapy can be painful.

Fact: Absolutely not. The purpose of this treatment is to reduce pain and increase muscle and joint flexibility. The therapists are trained to treat within your ability to bear the pain. Survey shows that nearly 71% people who had never visited a physical therapist before and thought therapy is painful changed their outlook about the treatment process after undergoing treatment.

Myth: You need a physician’s referral to visit a therapist.

Fact: Survey has revealed that such is the perception of nearly 70 % people even though all the 50 American states allow patients to be assessed by a physical therapist without any referral from a physician.

Myth: Physical therapy should be an option only after an injury or operation

Fact: Therapy is very effective for rehabilitation following an accident, but that is just one side to it. Therapists are highly skilled at diagnosing tendencies towards a possible physical ailment like a frozen shoulder, or a chronic headache or even a back pain.

Myth: Any health care provider can perform this treatment.

Fact: Only certified and experienced medical professionals can help you with the sessions. This knowledge is however shared by only 42% consumers while the remaining 37% feel that any and all health care providers can administer the therapy. Physical therapists can further specialize in areas like orthopedics, sports, neurology, and women’s health.

Myth: Physical therapy can be done without the help of an expert.

Fact: The guidance of a licensed expert is very necessary for proper physical therapy which can lead to full recovery. Specialized knowledge is very necessary for diagnosing the condition, designing and implementing a customized care plan. So even though a patient’s active participation is very necessary for the success of physical therapy it is impossible to conduct the sessions without an expert’s assistance.

Myth: Insurance does not cover physical therapy.

Fact: Physical therapy is covered by many insurance companies in one form or the other. Other than that, the therapy sessions reduce several unnecessary costs like prescription medicines, surgery, and even image scans. It also actively helps in diagnosing problems even before they develop. So, it is effective in addressing conditions before they develop into chronic problems.

Myth: Surgery is the only option left.

Fact: Physical therapy in some cases is nearly as effective as surgery. It can be a good alternative and almost 79% people who have visited one in the recent past know this to be true. Surgery can be an option only after everything else has failed in treating the condition.

Physical therapy gives proven results, but one has to be patient about it. You will need the aid of a licensed professional physical therapist to achieve those results.

Comparing Kumon Math to Ho Math and Chess

Many have asked me how Ho Math and Chess is different from Kumon Math. Both Kumon Math and Ho Math and Chess use worksheets to teach math and get children to work on progressive math worksheets. The biggest difference is the way the worksheets are produced.

Ho Math and Chess teaching idea stems from its founder’s Mr. Frank Ho’s personal experience while teaching his son Andrew chess when Andrew was 5 years old. This is very similar to Kumon math’s founder Mr. Toru Kumon ‘s experience in teaching his son math. Both Mr. Kumon and Mr. Ho have gained insights by teaching their own child in creating the franchise business in teaching math but in a very different approach of creating worksheets.

Ho Math and Chess was founded on the philosophy that math must be taught in a fun and cool way. Because of this reason Ho Math and Chess integrates game and math together and the game used at Ho Math and Chess is the international chess – an universal language which many kids in the world can play and enjoy while working on math.

Mr. Ho discovered the language which links between chess and math and thus patented his idea and created the world’s first math and chess integrated workbooks for elementary students. Consequently, Mr. Ho also created Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set so that children as young as 4 years old can learn chess with ease. Frank also created Frankho Chess Mazes, which is very different from traditional mazes in such a way that Frankho Chess Mazes improve children’s visualization ability and also their analytical ability.

The math worksheets at Ho Math and Chess integrate math and chess using new and patented applied technology with innovative teaching idea.

For children who do not just want to work on pure math worksheets only then Ho Math and Chess offers an alternative. Mr. Ho also created mathematical chess puzzles, which resemble IQ puzzles so children can have the opportunity to do brain fitness and improve their brain power at the same time. Ho Math and Chess is taking the leading role of integrating math, chess, puzzles, and brain fitness all into one workbook. Ho Math and Chess worksheets are fun, entertaining, and educational.

It is the teaching philosophy of having fun while learning math differs Ho Math and Chess from Kumon math and all other math learning centers in the world.

Case Studies on How Math and Chess Affects Children’s IQ

In my over 10 years of teaching math and chess, I have had the precious opportunities to teach grades from kindergarten to grade 12 and as a consequence I also have had many occasions to observe some interesting cases on how some of my own students learned. After I analyzed their patterns of learning, I have used their learning experiences to modify Ho Math and Chess worksheets.

Case 1 – 4 years old boy

My feeling is that we seem to use different parts of brain to do math and chess respectively. This observation is based on the following case. If this is proved to be true then it definitely is beneficial for children to learn both math and chess since different parts of their brain power will get “strengthened”.

This 4-year boy really surprised me when he came to me since he already knew how to add or subtract 1 digit quite comfortably without any noticeable delay in coming up with answers and could also do 2-digit addition or subtraction although my experience with him was not sufficient to draw any conclusions. He also knew the number skip pattern and could do multiplication as well. His mom wanted me to teach him chess so I started with chess lesson but it caught me by surprise was his progress was slow when compared to the progress of his math ability. Why is there such a disparity? Every time, when I played chess with him, he needed to be reminded on how each chess piece should move even after he had shown that he already knew the moves of each piece. He did not seem to understand that to play chess well, he needs to look the entire chess board, not just one move of one chess piece. He did not seem to care or understand “what if” effect.

This smart boy intrigues me to think why he could do calculations so well and yet is slow in absorbing chess knowledge, so I started an experiment by giving him word problem for he could read already at 4 years old. I would explain to him if he did not understand the meaning or could not read some words. I found out that if he was capable of doing something then he would do it quickly but if something he could not do and I tried to explain to him and he still could not do then he would simply “shut off” his brain and would not do it, so in this case I was not able to observe how he could make progress under my guidance.

Perhaps, the function of playing chess is being handled by one part of brain and the functions of mathematical function is mainly being handled by the other part of brain so in this boy’s case, he could do math computation very well, but not chess.

Case 2 – Grade 2 Girl and a grade 3 boy

  1. From these two students, I learned that children could “shut off” their brain and refuse to learn. I taught this very friendly girl when he was at grade 3 and now she is grade 8 and I am still tutoring her. I tutored the boy when he was also at grade 3 level and then I later met him again at grade 8 and I asked both of them the same question why they did not seem to be able to master the times table when they were young and their answers astonished me since both of them said to me they just did not want to “memorize” it.   I have more interesting story to tell on how they overcame the problems themselves and how this little girl influenced me in creating my workbook.

In the girl case, I seem to have hit the roadblock since it does not matter how I taught her by using flash cards, explaining the multiplication concept, using pencils as manipulative she just could not do times table and finally I realized that she understood the concept but she could not come up with the results with no delay or she would just come up with wrong answers. At no time I would “force” her to memorize the times table other than to remind her that she might as well spend some time to recite and memorize them. It never happened to her. I reminded myself that this is a great chance for me to produce custom-made multiplication table for her to see if she could actually use my multiplication table to “naturally” “memorize” all multiplication facts. I asked her what kinds of multiplication questions she liked and what kids of multiplication questions she did not like. My multiplication workbook went from initially with 100 pages to finally over 300 pages because of working with her. Clearly I learned that she did not like simple drill type worksheets because they are boring. I was “forced” to come up different variety of formats to suit her taste. Finally, she could do multiplication but with some delay in coming up with answers. When getting to higher grades, her computation ability seemed to have a leap of progress, I asked her what had happened she told me that she just decided to “memorize” them and that is it. The same happened to the boy, I asked him why he could not seem to get the times table, he told me that he just did not want to memorize it when he was young and later he decided to memorize them.

So have we ever paid attention to the fact that some children could not learn times table well was simply because they did not want to “remember’ them? Educators did not seem to do this kind of “follow-up” study in education to find out what was the problem when some children could not learn when they were young.

Case 3 – Ho Math and Chess worksheets vs. traditional worksheets

From my own teaching experience, I have found that for some children drill is boring and causes stress to children. On the other hand, drill gives the fluency children need to do math by hand and the skill children need to do word problems with second nature and be able to “see” the direction of getting answers.

What’s wrong with drill rests with the tool of drilling that is the worksheet. It is not interesting, boring, monotonic and makes children feel like working on a assembly line to get all those answers. I personally gave Ho Math and Chess worksheets to children and also traditional worksheets to children, and clearly children liked Ho Math and Chess worksheets more than the traditional sheets. I also asked children why they liked Ho Math and Chess worksheets, they gave me the reason that they liked to work through a few turns and jumps to come up with answer and they felt it is more interesting that way. When I heard this kind of comments It boosted my confidence that I have come up with an innovative product which revolutionaries the traditional worksheets. My invention of Geometry Chess Language is a disruptive technology and an innovative idea which basically changed forever how children should be drilled and how to make math worksheets more interesting. I was almost holding back my tears when my students were telling me why they liked Ho Math and Chess worksheets.

Case 4 – Some children do not mind but some do not like to be drilled.

  1. This is true story that some moms told me that they could not send their children to other learning centers anymore since their children are in tears when asked to go again – they hated the drill. On the other hand, I see, although rarely, some children do the drill worksheets until grade 12, why is there such a big difference?   I started to feel that our brain seem to function differently depending on individual and for some reason. Those children hated drill is because some part of their brain is telling them to “reject”. We can do an experiment by giving Ho Math and Chess worksheets and also the traditional worksheets and to see how their brains have reacted by scanning images of their brains. This will remain as a mystery until someone has done some research in this area.

4 Health Tips For Racing Pigeons

Just like any other animal, racing pigeons deserve to be properly treated in order to stay healthy. If you own and race pigeons, you must be aware that pigeons should not only appear good on the outside. They must feel healthy on the inside as well.

It is a common fact on pigeons that they are good in hiding their true conditions. It is very hard to distinguish healthy pigeons from the sickly ones just by merely looking at them. This is because of the birds’ natural instinct to look healthy even if they’re not.

The only way to find out that a racing pigeon is already weak is by holding it with your hands. You’ll notice right away that the pigeon is now as light as a feather. This is caused by bio-organisms and bacteria that gradually stress out the pigeon, making them lose their appetite when eating.

If you really want your racing pigeons to deliver a top performance during competitions, then you must start taking care of their health. Here are the things that you must consider to give your pigeons a stress-free life.

1. Get Rid of Moisture
Moisture is the number one drawer of viruses and parasites in your pigeons’ loft. You have to make sure that water is not entering the loft’s roof whenever it is raining, and there’s no part of the loft that is prone to leaks. Keeping the pigeons dry will prevent them from being irritated and they will not be bothered by parasites that can cling on to their bodies.

2. Have Proper Ventilation
Keeping the loft well ventilated greatly improves the health of the pigeons. A regular breathing habit is essential for the pigeon’s longevity in the sky when racing. Anything that the pigeon breathes in is reactive to his performance, therefore you should avoid dust and other unnecessary particles from entering the loft that could make the pigeon breathe heavily.
Also, for the loft to be properly ventilated, avoid overcrowding among the pigeons. The temperature will be more favorable if there are only a few pigeons that occupy a loft. Also, if in case one pigeon catches a disease, there’s a lesser chance for the other pigeons to get infected.

3. Provide Clean Food And Water
This factor is already self-explanatory. Just like human beings, your racing pigeons must be fed with fresh and clean food and water. Leftover foods that are oftentimes soiled already can greatly affect the bird’s digestive system, bringing forth diseases that could slow down the pigeons. Make sure that the foods that you give your pigeons are of the highest quality, and that the containers are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

4. Regularly Scrape off the Droppings

Organisms such as coccidia and worms are sometimes present in pigeons, and these are normally passed off in the droppings. If another pigeon eats a dropping, then the bacteria have been transferred already to the pigeon that ate the dropping. In order to prevent the disease from spreading, scrape the loft daily.

These are the things that are oftentimes overlooked by pigeon fanciers. Just make your racing pigeons’ health your number one priority, and watch them soar to greater heights during competitions!

How to Skateboard For Beginners

As a skateboarder beginner let us see how to skateboard for beginners. First you need to find out your skateboard stance, if you are GOOFY or REGULAR footed. This means finding out whether you use your right foot forward or your left foot forward when you skate. If you use your right foot forward then you are GOOFY. If you use your left foot forward then you are REGULAR. You can go ahead with whichever foot you are feeling comfortable with – goofy or regular. You can choose which ever you want. For video lessons visit

When you learn how to skateboard for beginners you will know that there are two different ways to stands. The two different ways to stand are called as STANCES.

GOOFY – when you use your right foot forward while you learn how to skateboard for beginners it is called goofy.

REGULAR – when you use your left foot forward when you learn how to skateboard for beginners it is called regular.

Given below are three ways to find out which is easy for you to skate on your board.

Using these ways you can find out how you feel comfortable standing on your board while skating. Try all these tricks to find out if you are REGULAR or GOOFY.

FIRST Method while you learn how to skateboard for beginners:

This is an easy trick. Go get a ball first. Or get something like that which is like a ball. Now keep the ball or the object in front you. Kick the ball or the object in front of you. Now with which foot you use to kick the ball or the object will be your back foot while you are skating. Now the balancing foot will be in the front when you are skating and the foot with which you kicked the ball will be your back foot for skating.

SECOND method while you learn how to skateboard for beginners:

Walk up a staircase. Go up on it. The foot which you use to climb up first will be your back foot while skating and the other foot will be your front foot while skating. This trick will tell you if your regular or goofy.

THIRD method while you learn how to skateboard for beginners:

This trick is quite hard. Read this trick carefully. You need someone to help you with this trick. Ask them to stand behind you. You should stand with both your feet close together, and ask the person standing behind you to push you. When you fall forward you will put one leg forward and use the other for balancing. Now the foot you used to balance yourself is the foot which you should use as the back foot while skating and the other foot as the front foot.

Most people are right handed likely, the same way most people are regular footed. Most of us feel comfortable using our right hand, the same way as a skateboard beginner most of them feel comfortable using their right leg. That’s why the name REGULAR. After trying out all these tricks, these tricks tell you whether you are regular, but if you like to ride as goofy, then you can go ahead and be a GOOFY itself. Ride with which you feel most comfortable, it might be regular or goofy. Now you are ready to ride.

King and queen chess pieces tattoo

When it comes to sports movies, this past decade has churned out some pretty good ones. People love sports movies because they are uplifting, inspirational and fun. It is no surprise that they often perform well at the box office, and frequently garner praise from critics and audiences alike. In this article I’ll describe how to avid and overcome the problems of de-hydration in sport by using a hydration rucksack; many people haven’t heard of hydration rucksacks but they are an essential piece of equipment for any modern athlete. – Train yourself to be a disciplined trader. I am a long-term goals and short-term goals to reach their confidence, motivation techniques and strategies to approach hypnosis, guided imagery, relaxation exercises, techniques are used. Some want to raise his average . In some ways we want to make a living. Some players want to be a star in a weekly league. But what factors should you look at the system knows that it will be the last, or not? It is well known that most have not, and usually only a short series of chance. But the most successful that has stood the test of time, and all related properties. Here are some things to consider when choosing a sports betting system that will work for you: Choose a betting system consistently demonstrated a track record of success in previously published results. So try outsourcing, this could provide an advantage that will have to be more competitive in price by the head of the gaming industry. passionate about karate. Ive been training for seven years and hopefully will never have to stop. Ncaa basketball rankings. Finally, Indonesia beat Chile 3-2 and reach the place 21 out of 23 teams. This is the first national team have participated in the FIVB World Championships. Area and the diamond shape formed by the grass and soil. Each team has nine players. Softball Softball is a lot like baseball. The bigger the underdog, the more risk you take and the more you will pay a sportsbook to bet $ 100. The box is much more realistic, and more to your favorite big losers. When James (Buster) Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson in 1990, the money line bet wins $ 1500 Douglas $ 57,000 (and that one bidder, it is very unfortunate and very opportunistic. ) money online betting on sports betting is not the only option but easy for beginners to understand and the easiest place. Basketball reference. Contained within the surrounding tissue to a significantly higher pressure inside the artery. Circular pressure applied by the outside wall of the artery, then the pressure wall (as a result of internal and external pressures), and consequently reduced muscle relaxed artery walls. It may be a staunch fan of Italian football, and never miss a contest when you put these resources at your disposal. Watch following a major golf tournament going on near you. Whenever the ball goes to mass points in time. The amount of points depends on where the player is off when throwing the ball around in circles. The court is a solid ground plane with baskets or frames in each end. Some areas of different sizes, depending on who plays. Entertainment show around the Madden series, unlike , the game is directed. MLB 09: still a baseball game is the standard for realism, and realism to show the king of baseball video game stand apart. Pepper squash nutrition. He would never be good for him because it should not be influenced, even to participate in politics. Then there are the sanctions against a person running.

Benefits Of Auto Racing Directory

Auto racing drivers, whether amateurs or professionals, get adrenaline racing in their blood the moment they sit in their racing cars. An online auto racing directory satisfies all their questions regarding any aspect of auto racing. For some auto racers it is a hobby, for others it is a profession, but for many it is a passion. These auto racing drivers search all the relevant information regarding auto racing events, suppliers of auto racing parts, racing careers, and track days from any source that they can lay their hands on.

Benefits of Auto Racing Directory

The best place to get all this information is a reliable website that provides an auto racing directory with all information. This directory also provides information on the events like sports car racing and street car racing. It is therefore essential for any auto racing enthusiast to visit different auto racing websites and select the best one. He can find any information related to auto racing in the site by filling out the search box of the site with what he is looking for. If he wants to have information regarding upcoming events, he can visit the events page and search for the desired information.

The ideal auto racing site features an auto racing directory. This directory is a source for information for all auto racing enthusiasts regarding racing careers, track days, racing parts suppliers, racing equipment suppliers, racing events, and HPDE (High Performance Driving Education). This directory is a storehouse of information and it provides endless features for auto racing enthusiasts and suppliers of allied materials.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

It would be ideal for a die-hard auto racing enthusiast to create a free profile and become a member. He will then have the liberty to write reviews and comments on blogs. He will also be able to utilize the advertised deals to his advantage. Auto racing sites also allow businesses dealing with auto racing to create an account and list their products or services.

Basic Features of the Auto Racing Directory Website

* The user can use the “View Favorites” link to go to the page that contains his favorite items. He can add an additional item on this page by clicking the text “Add to Favorites” on any item. It is necessary for him to have an account in order to be able to add items, including free items, to the directory.

* To sign up for an account, the user has to go to “Advertise with Us” link which is placed on the top menu. He then has to select an item and level and click the “Order Now” button. The process would further involve filling out all fields, writing down username and password for future reference, choosing the best payment plan, and following other steps as mentioned.

* Only Showcase Listings can appear as Featured Listings on the homepage and main Listings page. These are then randomly rotated.

* It is possible to send an email to a friend giving any information found in the directory by clicking the “Send to Friend” link and filling out all fields that will appear in the pop-up window.

An auto racing directory provides an auto racing enthusiast information regarding all aspects of auto racing.

3 Football Soccer Myths


Football soccer (futbol) the number one sport in the world , the only piece of equipment you need to play it is a soccer ball although you don’t even really need that, kids poor areas will play with anything resembling a ball, in some countries, football is not just a game, like in Brazil or Argentina, football is way more than just a game, it’s like a culture or heritage for them, these are some reasons because over football there are  some things that are real and  some others are just myths.

Myths vs reality:


-“Because the HELIUM will give the ball soft touch”- this is untrue, all professional balls used during official FIFA Matchs will need to reach the “FIFA APPROVED” test which stablish seven rules for a Match ball:

1.- Weight

2.- Circunference

3.- Sfericity

4.- Loss air pressure

5.- Water absortion

6.- Rebound

7.- Shape and size retention.

Ball air retention

Each one of these rules must be approved in order for a ball can be used in official tournaments of FIFA, and always the ball will be inflated  just with AIR.


-Many times I’ve heard “this jersey was used in a game, is different than the one I could buy (of this professional team) in a sporting good store”, and some guys take advantage of this selling these jerseys in more than two times its real price, it is just a myth because leader brands build their products for professional soccer teams with advanced fabrics and new technology in structure (non stitching, light materials, etc) but in all cases the only difference between jerseys used for professionals and regular store-buy  jerseys is a label in the neck that says “TEAM”, so, do not buy a “matchworn” jersey for more than the price of a regular jersey.


That can be certain for a small proportion of players, perhaps a 10 percent. But the affected ones by that problem are generally players of low level, not the best ones. The top players already are  financially assured. The List of Rich of the Sunday Times (uk news)  esteems that their net patrimony can be as high as 125 million pounds for a player like Beckham,  Wayne Rooney star of Manchester United, has £ 35 million.

W. Rooney

To have more money is not going to change its lives, and they know that if they were put to think about the money, they quickly would disappear of the game. However, these athletes have a goal in mind: to gain and to reach the type of respect that is obtained from the skills they have to reach the victory. At certain level, the money is a secondary preoccupation.

Driving Adventure with Go-Karting Experience

Everyone likes cars and racing. Apart from driving on the road like we do every day, people also like to get the feel of professional racing car drivers. With various adventures, it is actually possible to get this feeling.

Driving adventure
In Haltom City, you can enjoy the fun of Fast Kars. This is a lovely place where you can drive amazing cars. You will love to visit this place and feel the energy. Here, you can drive well designed cars that resemble the sports cars you see on television and films. You will feel like an awesome movie star riding these cars. There are many interesting cars to choose from. You will like the smooth and well managed track. This place has a lot of features. It looks like an actual track used for car racing. If you are a fan of car racing sport, you will surely love to be here. At fast karts Haltom City, you can explore the world of professional racing and also be safe while doing so. The Fast Karts Haltom City offers you the chance to have the best time riding. From car driving is very exciting; you can have this wonderful experience of Haltom City easily. You will love to spend time here. You will understand the nuances of professional racing by driving here. The cars are very well maintained. Since it is very essential to maintain security standards, Fast Karts are very particular about it. You can use their things without any problem. You will never have any trouble driving here.

Go-Karting is a fun activity. Many people love to drive here. The amazing cars in doing this activity are very thrilling. They offer a good and memorable experience of driving. You will love to visit go-kartingFort Worth. This place is very amazing as it has a lot of interesting things. The track for driving is very smooth and long. You will get the feel of an expert racer here.  Go-Karting Fort Worth has a lot of wonderful activities. You can indulge in racing or just drive for fun. You can take a number of laps and get the thrill of racing here. Go-karting is a very popular adventure sport. People love to drive fearlessly here. Since go-karting is all about speed and skill, you will love to experience this sport. Anybody can do this activity. You do not need to be an expert to do this. Every year many people come to Fort Worth to try go-karting. This well maintained facility is very impressive and has some of the best quality equipments. Hence, Forth Worth attracts many tourists and enthusiasts. You will love to visit this place. You will be given very good service here. This posh and well designed facility will make your stay very pleasurable. You will love to come here time and again. Even you have been to other such places, this place will make sure that you have a good time. Hence, you should surely come here.

Skateboarding Origins And What Makes Up A Skateboard

Skateboarding has become ever so popular these days. It is no longer just for punk kids and has become a part of our culture. Skateboarding can be seen in movies, on tv, and in video games. One of the funnest video games I played when I was younger was tony hawk, a skateboarding game. And skateboarding games keep popping up too, some of them rather good.

Now, as far as how skateboarding began, there is some debate. Some say it was started by surfers that wanted to try and surf on land. Same say it was by kids who tore apart their sop box racers and rode on just the bottom part. No matter who or when it started, it is no doubt that skateboarding is here to stay. Most cities even have skate parks, which are big parks of concrete with built in ramps and half pipes. They are really fun and you can usually pick up some new moves for your skateboard just by watching some of the others skaters there.

What does a skateboard consist of? Well, skateboards have come a long way, but your basic skateboard components consist of the deck, wheels and bearing, and the trucks, which hold the wheels. The deck itself is really important and is typically made of wood. However, more and more skateboard decks are being made from plastic composites, because of its flexibility. Also, the wider deck, the better it is for doing tricks. Most street skateboards are about 7-8 inches wide while trick skateboards are up to 10 inches. You’ll also see grip tape used on decks, which help keep your feet on the board.

The trucks and the wheels are the other two main components of the skateboard. Every skateboard has two trucks and these are what connect the wheels to the skateboard. Trucks are usually made of metal, typically from some sort of aluminum alloy. When the trucks are connected to the board, there is usually some sort of rubber barrier, which helps for turning and flexibility. The more stiff you make the barrier, the harder it is to turn.

When it comes to the wheels on skateboards, they are usually made from a special kind of plastic called polyurethane. They also come in different shapes and sizes, all depending of course on how you plan to use your skateboard. Because they help keep the skateboard close to the ground, smaller skateboard wheels are good for doing tricks. Skateboard wheels are also measured for how hard the polyurethane is processed. They are rated on an “A” scale. Your soft wheels will be around 70a, while the hard wheels are in the lower 100’s.

Ho Math and Chess awards franchise in Nigeria

Frank Ho, founder of Ho Math and Chess based in Canada, is very pleased to announce that a new franchise from Nigeria has joined Ho Math and Chess team.

Ho Math and Chess Vietnam is located in Lagos, Nigeria and is managed by Mr. Johnson Olatunbosun. Mr. Olatunbosun has a master’s  degree in Computer Graphics and Virtualization, Elgland, UK. He has been working in the information system for over 10 years.

Johnson believes that Ho Math and Chess unique math program which integrates international chess and puzzles into math curriculum not only can improve children’s math ability but also their critical thinking and problem solving skills in a fun environment.

Ho Math and Chess invented the innovative geometry chess symbol and teaching chess set which helps children understand the concept of math as young as four years old.

Johnson believes that the future math teaching is to integrate math and fun together this is why every child needs Ho Math and Chess program. Math learning is fun with this unique Ho Math and Chess program, math can be fun by having children working on puzzle-like worksheets.

An Introduction To Go Kart Racing

Both adults and children enjoy go kart racing or kart racing as most people prefer to call it. Children from eight years old can enjoy this sport which is regulated by the the Motor Sports association in Europe where organisations such as the National Schools Karting Association organise meetings. In the US kart racing is regulated by a variety of onrganisations such the World Karting Association, Karter’s of America and the International Racing association. The Australian Karting Association organises karting events in Australia.

Karters are divided into classes which usually start at 8 years old and are in 3 year age divisions until a senior class at about 16 years old.

The World Karting Association organises kart racing at more than 120 tracks throughout the nation. The largest body regulating karting in the US, it was established in 1971 and is also one of the largest bodies for sanctioning kart racing in the world.

Kart racing has grown in popularity since the very beginning in the 1950’s when karters used parking lots for their racing circuits. It grew rapidly into a much more organised sport as purpose built circuits were built until today when over 100,000 people in the US enjoy this recreational activity. The Association of British Kart Clubs In Britain, regulated by the MTA consists of over thirty associations which each hold meetings regularly.

Some Different Types of Kart Racing

Sprint kart racing uses specially built circuits of between 400 and 1600 meters. A typical race lasts about 14 minutes with the emphasis on overtaking and speed. Sprint races are usually short races with only a few laps that qualify for a final. Championships held by the FIA and the Karting World Championship are sprint races.
Endurance races are for long periods, sometimes up to 24 hours with drivers taking turns. Emphasis is on pit strategy and reliability rather than speed. One of the most famous endurance races takes place on th kart circuit in France at Le Mans owned by Alain Prost, the Formula 1 racing driver. In this 24 hour race past winners have been Toro Rosso, a Formula 1 driver and Sébastien Bourdais, a Car Champ winner. Endurance races usually take place on one mile to four mile circuits.

In the US endurance racing is called Enduro and takes place on circuits from between 1 1/2 miles to 4 miles long. races are typically 30 to 45 minutes without any pit stops.

Speedway races take place on clay or asphalt tracks that are one sixth to one quarter miles long. Asymetric tracks are usually used with four left turns and two straight lengths. Because of the left turns karts with off set chassis have been specially developed for these types of tracks. Races consist of four to twenty laps.

Formats Used for Kart Racing

The International Kart Federation uses heat races which consist of heats of two laps, the winners entering the final which is usually twenty laps.

The World Karting Association uses timed laps where karters compete in groups for the fastest lap time. A twenty lap final is then the featured event.

An Extreme Revolution – Extreme Sport

Bigger, higher, further and more dangerous! The people of the world are constantly becoming more adventurous. Sport is at the forefront of the extreme revolution with new and daring sports springing up everywhere! From the now relatively established sports like wakeboarding to the wacky and frankly silly, extreme ironing!

It seems the human thirst for action and adventure knows no bounds, whether it is kayaking down the Congo or climbing Kilimanjaro and then jumping off the summit with nothing but an umbrella! Okay, so perhaps parachutes are used rather than umbrellas but how extreme would that be? Paragliding, only with an umbrella! (Don’t try that at home kids!)

Popularity for these sports is huge and growing daily and some of them have even found themselves accepted as Olympic events in recent years, such as snowboarding and BMX biking. This brings sometimes lesser known sports to the masses and encourages more and more people to get involved.

It’s reasonable to suggest that the explosion of these adventurous sports is shaping the way sport will be perceived in years to come. I don’t think soccer fans have anything to worry about, there will always be soccer but it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that some of these events may end up on college curriculums in the not too distant future.

How cool would that be? To look at your timetable and see that after Maths you have double wakeboarding at the local lake! The English language is already taking on new complex shapes as the extreme sports community expands into homes and families the world over.

The internet is jam packed full of websites dedicated to various shades of extreme sport. If you “Google” kitesurfing, for example, you will see almost two million results pop up! Make that more than six million for wakeboarding and a massive sixteen million for snowboarding! The revolution is in full swing and one of the great things about taking part is that you can often explore and experience some amazing parts of this great planet too.

So, hold on tight, grab your board, skates, chute, sail, boots, shades etc and enjoy the ride of your life as you join the extreme revolution.

Top 10 Must Read Facts about Skateboard Bearings

Skateboarding has become a very popular sport from messing around in the playground with your friends, to skating on the ramps at the local park, to the multi million and international skating competitions for professionals. Many skaters say that the most important thing about your skateboard and the way you skate is the bearings you use. Here are the top ten facts you should know about skate board bearings:

1. Type of Bearing – there is many different types of bearings, in a skateboard the type of bearings used are ball bearings.
2. Materials Used – skateboard bearings are usually made out from steel, although silicon nitride, a high-tech ceramic, is often used.
3. Bearing Scale – all skateboard bearings are monitored using the ABEC scale which stands for Annular Bearing and Engineering Council scale. This scale rates and monitors the tolerance of a bearing which is not really important with skateboard bearings and some brands refuse to have their bearings rated for this reason.
4. Bearing Industry – there are many industries that manufacture and produce a wide variety of bearings for many different applications but there are a few companies who solely specialize in bearings for skateboards.
5. Brands – there are many different brands for skateboard bearings to choose from such as Bones, Bones Swiss, Chocolate Swiss, Death, Diamond, and many more.
6. Switzerland Bearings – Switzerland are known as the market leader and Yoda of bearings, any bearing made in Switzerland is usually of exceptional quality and class.
7. Keep Dry – to enhance the lifespan of your skateboard bearings you should always try to keep them dry. Keeping the bearing dry will reduce the possibility of corrosion and rusting.
8. Dirty Free Bearings – prevention is better than cure some would say and some would be right. Wipe down your bearings after each run. This may sound excessive but it doesn’t take long and it reduces the amount of dirt that gets into your bearing which can cause them to be slower and after time break.
9. Clean Your Skateboard Bearings – there is no doubt about it cleaning your skateboard bearings enhances its lifespan. Take off the bearings clean them, soak them in lubricant and then replace them, magic.
10. WD40 – Never ever use WD40 to clean and lubricate your skateboard bearings. Why? Because it actually gets rid of the grease from within the bearing and will cause the bearing to run slowly and fail.

The History of Racing Stripes and Some Interesting Facts

Initially, the stripes served a practical purpose and they turned into a tuning material later on.

As the name suggests, racing stripes were first applied to cars participating in races, in order to increase recognition. According to some official information, such stripes were applied to the Cunningham team racing cars in 1951.

In the 1960s, the stripes started getting applied to cars apart from the vehicles used in races. They were called go-faster stripes during that period and they were used to achieve the cool appearance of race cars. The hood, the roof of the car and the trunk were the places where the stripes were installed most often.

Until the 1960s, vehicles competing in Formula 1 and other major events came in specific colors and with specific stripes to differentiate one team from another. This approach was popular until sponsorship entered the world of racing and the color differentiation became redundant.

Cunningham team cars were distinguished by the two parallel blue stripes passing through the middle of the hood, the roof and the back of the car. The stripes were brought to the scene once again in 1996. This year is often seen as the revival of racing stripes because these were used on a Dodge Viper GTS.

In the 1990s, stripes became widely available as a tuning material. All the traditions connected to their past and the clean, linear appearance give cars with stripes a slightly retro appearance that is very different from the effect that can be achieved through the usage of other tuning materials.

The material that is most commonly used in the production of stripes and stickers today is vinyl. Vinyl managed to beat other materials in terms of affordability and durability. Although thin, it can withstand environmental influences for many years. Good racing car stripes can remain in excellent condition for a period ranging between five and seven years.

Stripes are available in many colors and they can be applied on nearly any part of the car. The traditional application on the front or the sides of the car is still possible but some new options have emerged, as well. Stripes can be applied on the spoiler, the bumpers, the grill of the car or anywhere else that the owner of the vehicle wants to achieve customization.

The traditional shape of the racing car stripe is changed, as well. Although the typical stripes are still available, the range has expanded significantly.

Stripes can come in the shape of flames, detailed ornaments or even lines of lettering.

Some car manufacturers have developed their own stripe ranges as a range of official accessories and tuning products. These ranges are designed for application on a specific model, which has further increased the simplicity connected to the usage of this particular tuning material.

Stripes can also come with distinctive finishes and effects that make them even funkier and more unusual than the original racing stripes that came into existence in the 1950s. Although the style is still the same, the stripe can now look original and somehow modern.

The history of stripes is quite interesting. The origin of this tuning material is easy to understand. What started out as a practical method of distinction has now turned into a wonderful way for the transformation of a car’s exterior. Racing stripes have been around for some time and they are probably here to stay. Although trends in the tuning realm change all the time, the stripe has managed to stand the test of time.

RC Car Racing – Great Tips To Prepare For The Race

The cheering crowds, the adrenaline rush and the mounting excitement say it all. Welcome to the world of RC car racing! RC cars are a fascinating hobby of many race car fans and many adults and children enjoy both on –road and off –road races. However, a lot of preparation goes into getting a RC car ready for the race.

First of all, select the tires for the RC racing car very wisely. Choose a tire that is suited to the road surface of the car race. You need to also select the best motor, size and maintenance suited to the race. Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis are popular choices for on-road races, and they are capable of great speeds. These are specific racing cars and need to be run on a smooth track for the best performance. Trucks and buggies may not perform well in terms of speed but they can be used on any kind of racing track including the roughest terrain.

The most popular RC cars are on-road vehicles that are commonly used for car racing.
These will run on paved roads, smooth surfaces and even on the streets. Off-road vehicles can be run on any terrain as they are truck-like vehicles that are very sturdy. The can easily handle all kinds of uneven terrain and ramp jumps. Off -road vehicles are available in two wheel or four wheel drive with electric or nitro engines.

The RC car comes in two sizes, namely, 1/8 and 1/10 scale. The 1/10 scale is ideal for race cars and is the standard size for on-road RC cars. The 1/8th scale is popular with monster trucks and buggies and meant for off –road use. The best engine for a race car is a nitro powered one as it can reach the maximum speed of 70 mph. The high speed and acceleration is what makes these car engines ideal for racing.

Two wheel drive vehicles are less expensive and easier to maintain. But, good traction and handling is possible with a four wheel drive that makes it an ideal choice for races.
Maintenance is an important factor of any RC car. Ensure that the car parts like the air filter, header, clutch, differential and pull start cord are properly maintained so that they last long.

Once you have made your selection of the RC car that you will be using in the race, you are ready to face the challenge of car racing. Joining in the race will gain you experience and a lot of friends in the car racing world. Be sure to take the advice of the expert car racers you will meet, to get the best performance from your car. Participating in the races will give you the opportunity to see the latest models of RC race cars in action, and also provide you with the thrills of the game.

Tips to Get Knowledge about the Chess Rules to Enjoy Playing Chess

Amongst the indoor games, some games are highly popular across the globe. People love to play these games as these are played in an intelligent way. It helps the players in taking part in the mental exercises as well. Therefore, when you will become interested in joining such games, you will surely aspire for meeting your desires by finding out the top most scopes in the internet. If you want to get knowledge about the strategies applied in these games or if you intend to get knowledge about other issues related to this game, then you will surely aspire for meeting your desires in the best way. Day after day, when people are becoming interested more in these games, they are finding out the latest scopes online. There are varied types of scopes for everyone online and this is the reason too that will make you inspired in meeting your desires by revealing the best online sources. It is needless to say that when you will get familiar with the most beneficial online sources, you will surely obtain the latest opportunities online. Therefore, you should take every initiative that will help you immensely in grabbing the finest benefits online. Whether you are interested in attaining the latest online tips to play these games for winning every time or you aspire for obtaining the best online scope to enjoy these games, you can find every opportunity there.

When many people are choosing the online platform in meeting their desires, why not you will also get interest in choosing this field? Day after day, people are grabbing the latest online scopes in attaining the finest benefits online; therefore, you will also get interest in meeting your desires too. Many a times, you will search for the best online sources that can help you getting regular information online. In addition, you will seek obtaining the best online opportunities that will be helpful to you in meeting your desires. These days, people are obtaining the best online sources to meet their desires; therefore, you should never make any mistake in choosing the best websites that could be beneficial to you in attaining the best outcomes. Getting information about the best online sources that can offer you latest information about the indoor games in the best way would be easier for you. There are various types of scopes for everyone in attaining the latest tips online about the indoor games. Therefore, choose those to meet your desire to win the chess games.

Practicing any game online can help you in attaining better option to get experienced in the field. Therefore, when you will try revealing every scope online in this way, it will help you immensely in meeting your desires. Therefore, to get knowledge about the options or the latest Chess openings you can go online and get relevant information in this course. Attaining knowledge on chess rules will also be easier for you. Therefore, you should become interested in meeting your desires in the best way. A great number of people are attaining such scopes.

The Key Driving Techniques of Rally Car Racing

Rally driving is one of the most demanding driving styles in the world. In order to effectively control a rally car on tight corners and rough tracks, there are a number of driving techniques that drivers have acquired. Here are just a few of their most impressive methods.

Hand Brake Turns

When approaching any turning, particularly a tight bend, rally drivers have to allow themselves time to perform a ‘hand brake turn’. A hand brake turn is designed to maintain the vehicle’s balance. To achieve this, a driver must first begin steering to apply pressure to the outside wheels through steering before using the handbrake to lock the wheels. This wheel lock has the effect of lessening the grip that the tyres hold on the road surface which subsequently allows the car to make its turn without slowing the engine for when the race continues. Instead of a traditional cable handbrake, rally cars are often designed to include a device called a ‘hydraulic handbrake’. This allows the rear brakes to lock the back wheels immediately. This proves very helpful when executing a handbrake turn.

Hill Jumping

One of the most thrilling but controversial techniques of rally driving is the practice of ‘hill jumping’. Hill jumping consists of accelerating a vehicle on the drive up to a hill to give the car an airborne leap across it. If a hill jump is implemented correctly, the car will cover great distance once clearing the hill without slowing down the engine. Hill jumping has been widely criticised as it can result in injury to the occupants of the vehicle when the car lands sharply. This manoeuvre has also been challenged due to the danger it poses to thrill seeking audience members who stand watching the race at the side of the rally circuit.  Ouch!

Scandinavian Flick

The Scandinavian flick is a term that gets its name from originally being devised by several successful north European rally drivers. However, executing the maneuver is not always easy. To successfully complete a Scandinavian Flick, drivers approaching a turn should steer slightly in the opposite direction before then steering directly back at the turn before coming off the gas and gently tapping the brake. If this trick is done correctly, the car should slide sideways and end up facing marginally away from the turn. Next the driver should steer towards the turn and release the handbrake while still holding down the throttle. This should make the car swing round and easily clear the corner.

Although this move is an excellent way of getting around the circuit, it is largely used as a crowd pleasing device rather than as a technically proficient tactic due to the difficulty in accuracy it causes.